Presidential accessories

If not indicted for conspiracy with the Russian government, Trump will be charged as being “an accessory after the fact.” A person knowing that an offense against the United States has been committed who assists or comforts the offender in order to prevent prosecution will be charged with violating federal criminal law. This is the definition of Trump’s actions with his pal, Vladimir Putin.

Reality check

When are these methheads going to realize that life isn’t a combination of “Breaking Bad,” “Grand Theft Auto” and “Drugs Inc.”

Thanks, firefighters

I want to say thank you to the firefighters who helped put out the fire on Oak Street. They did a fantastic job. And also to the owner of Hollywood Pizza. What more proof is needed about a community other than this man donating food and service to the firemen? I think everyone should make a point to spend some money over there soon.


I like dogs as much as the next guy, but dogs are not human beings. It’s a shame what happened to that kid who was killed because he was left in a car. Now, all of a sudden, Mr. Wolf signs into law that it’s a felony to mistreat an animal?

Too hot

To the pervert who called in about the young girl firefighters in Mount Carmel. They are junior firefighters, under the age of 18 for sure. And The News-Item printing such a comment? Editor’s take: It seemed like innocent fun, but we weren’t aware of their ages.

Food stamp president

Hey, Mr. Source Code: Do a search on USDA food stamp program data and statistics, and you’ll see that there is much less food stamp usage under Trump than Obama, the food stamp president.

Emotions aside

To everyone complaining about the woman in Williamsport who got off with a $25 fine for the young boy dying in the car: Her attorney said it right, and the jury did what it was supposed to do. They had to find her guilty only if she intended to kill the child. The attorney said it best — you need to leave the emotions on the table. There was no intent.

Kiss my asylum

Migrants proudly waving the flag of their country and shouting words of defiance to the U.S. and the rule of law. They flee their country due to persecution, oppression? Wrong. Asylum does not apply if seeking family reunions, economic opportunities and/or to get out of poverty. Do what we did: Build our country.

Recent past

The last time Southern Columbia lost to Mount Carmel was 2011, not 2008, as stated in the paper.

No man’s land

After this last election it just goes to show how insignificant our area is. Not one candidate for governor, U.S. Senate or Congress campaigned here.

Tax slayer

When you pay child support, whoever is paying it, has to pay tax on it. However, the people receiving it should have to pay income tax on it as well. That might make them think twice about reaping the harvest.

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