That’s really wonderful news that Shamokin will get a $3,000,000 grant to be infused into so-called upgrading. I have a question. It said in the paper they’re thinking about the former Coal Hole and Jones Hardware buildings being a hotel. I thought one of the biggest problems in this area is that the AOAA patrons have no place to stay. With two hotels in the immediate area, my question is this, where are they going to find parking for their ATVs? In my opinion, I would have thought the former Kmart building would have been better because you could have plenty of parking space and have access to Route 61. In any case, I’m glad Shamokin is starting to move forward.

Bee’s knees

I had my knees done in 2010 and 2012 and it was the best thing I ever did. Do it and be happy.

Get the replacement

I had both my knees done in 2009 and I’m very happy with the results. Go for it.

Look at Germany

We as a nation should be examining all the successful healthcare systems in the world. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. For example, in Germany, the employer and employee pays 7.5% each and everyone is covered. They have one of the best systems in the world. We could learn some lessons.

Do something

Rather than name-calling and denigrating American cities, perhaps Trump could lead the way to improving them.

Loose dog

I went to the Mount Carmel swimming pool yesterday and saw a big black and white dog running at large around the pool. The girl collecting the money said it was hers. They need to get a manager up there.

Bad example

Very disappointed in my fellow parishioners. A few people feel it’s all about them and their baskets, they bully the secretary and only one older lady stood up to them. Not even the priest. This is not a good example of Christian charity.

Not in the news?

Anyone else notice when there is supposedly good news in Shamokin? WNEP-TV doesn’t report it. A medical complex, two hotels and a microbrewery all coming and not a word on the news. Other communities get a medical complex and it’s on all day long. When it comes to weather it’s usually Mount Carmel or Sunbury mentioned, but Shamokin is always bypassed. Bad news, no problem, they’re here like a shot. Is there a vendetta between our wonderful dignitaries and them or what?

We believe

When a reporter asked Trump if he is worried that the Russians would attack the 2020 election he responded: “You don’t really believe this? Do you believe this?” Yes, Comrade Trump, we believe it; everyone in your government have issued stark warnings that the Russians will attack our election. It is obvious that, since Trump’s pal Vladimir Putin is helping Trump win re-election, all the computer hacking and online bot attacks are acceptable and appreciated by our Russia-loving president.

Keep fighting

We need to keep fighting for Shamokin to receive various grants. Hopefully, there is a grant where the city can get a couple million dollars to remodel the library building. We need to be good stewards of that building to honor the veterans it was built for.

Pipe dreamer

Congratulations to all involved in the Shamokin city grant announcement. Job well done by all. But we all had prior knowledge of the medical complex at 300 E. Independence St., thanks in part to N-I articles. So exactly why picture the former Jones Hardware location? That aspect is a well-intentioned pipe dream of a former resident looking for millions in tax relief. Two hotels in a city that has not supported one in 30 years? Really? And tying this into that motorcycle park is just as odd. Any local resident witnesses weekly those visitors travel directly to the park, and that night head out of Dodge, making a beeline home. Editor: Not quite. RACP grant money is distributed on a proportional basis based on total expenditure of an entire project. Neither of the grant recipients from Thursday have received a dime, and won’t until construction begins under supervision of the Pennsylvania Office of the Budget.

Drain cleaners

Seems to me that I remember years ago the city workers would go around cleaning out the storm drains in Shamokin. Maybe this should be on their agenda again. Just a thought Mr. Mayor Brown.

Kulpmont life

Kenn Splitt is more concerned with bashing Trump than he is about the deteriorating conditions where he lives in Kulpmont, like drugs, vermin infestation, blight, potholes and political nonsense are the real issues. But it requires courage to take on local politicians.

Safer city

Patrolman Siko may not believe he is special, but I do. This is not the first time he has been very heroic. I am glad he is on our police force. I have had a scanner for years and I always smile and feel safer when I know he is on duty. Patrolman Siko, you are my hero, and a big thank you for helping make Shamokin safer!

Slated stories

Sad, but Sound Off, please know that if you have not heard a direct quote and read about it or watch specific news channels you may get a slanted version or part of a story. If it didn’t come from the person’s mouth and you watched that person say it, can you believe anymore? Even years ago some news was slanted. There is so much sadness and anger. Don’t make it worse, check the facts.

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