I could not agree more about today’s caller’s comments about Bob Getchey. I bet he could not spell “professional” if he had three chances.

Righting wrongs?

It’s amazing to read in Sound Off today that our Mr. Roughton is riding around in the car looking for things that are wrong in the community. Well, he mustn’t be getting out of the car, because I have complained numerous time to code enforcement about the yards on Birch Street; about the house and the rain spouting on Arch Street; and nothing has been done. Maybe he should get him a job that pays him a wage.

Omar stuff

The guy that called in and said about Omar stuff is not true. Stop watching CNN, get a job, and are you a veteran? That’s what I want to know. What did you do for America? Stop watching CNN, because they lie all the time. It sounds like you have a Democratic job and that’s why you’re pushing for the Democrats. Or else you’re unemployed and want benefits.

Problem above

PennDOT is coming out with a gender-neutral license. You may get a gender-neutral license. You can be a man and dress up like a woman and use the ladies room. But at the end of the day, you’re either a man or a woman. And if you’re confused, the problem isn’t below your waist, the problem is above your neck.


All four of the congresswomen have released dozens and dozens of anti-Semitic remarks for many years, it’s all documented on Youtube. But I guess it’s all right to be an anti-Semitic, as long as you’re a Democrat.

Board professional

To the person or persons who put that article in about Bob Getchey not being professional. Bob Getchey was always professional as much as he could be, as he’s been on the board for 20 years. Not many people could say that.

How many?

Does anybody know how many football coaches Shamokin has had since they joined together with Coal Township in 1966? I’d be very interested, was originally from the coal region and now live out of the area.

There’s a catch

Yeah, I finally see the Shamokin Street Department actually out of their vehicle doing something in front of Jones Hardware. Yeah, I figured there was a catch. Later find out some about some Jorden or Borden or whatever his name is. What a joke! Joe’s take: You mean Sen. John Gordner.

Can of worms

Finally, someone opened up the Mr. Fanella can of worms. Hide the backhoe and snow plow keys, then please appoint a veteran councilman to monitor his social media behavior. As a representative of Kulpmont, he should be held to a higher standard. Instead, he spars on there with the residents like an arrogant child. His public relations skills are as bad as his heavy equipment driving. Now I pose this question to council: How could such a green politician gain so much power here?

Slave reparations

I seen in the Democratic debate the Democrats want to give reparations to the slaves. Do they know that the slaves are all dead? And if that gets passed, since two of my ancestors fought in the Union Army, do I get anything? I want something. I’m entitled.

Natural athlete

Yes, speaking of Dennis Dick, he did two tours of duty in Vietnam during the height of the war. He also played semi-pro football with the Schuylkill Coal Crackers. The guy was just a natural athlete.

Choosing church

I am responding to “Pledge” in today’s Sound-Off. The caller questioned how a person could stand for the flag and kneel before the cross. Also, am I to understand people will have to choose between a football game on Saturday or church on Sunday? If I have to choose, see you at church.

Political disrespect

Mr. Splitt, I read your letter. A few questions for you: What about Hillary Clinton calling Trump supporters a basket of deplorables? What about President Obama saying that Trump supporters only cling to their guns and religion? Do you remember the Democrat that said Trump’s base is mostly smelly Walmart people? How about Congresswoman Tlaib saying we are going to impeach the (expletive)? Now, getting further along, you have to admit, Trump may have been a little blunt, but Baltimore is a rathole. Look at what the gang of four and Democratic candidates propose. I think re-election of Republicans will not be a problem. I also think you see out of eyes wearing blinders and speak like a hypocrite.

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