The gaul

Not to defend Scott Weaver, but in my opinion, Tony Zulkowski had a lot of gaul, showing up at the council meeting, demanding Weaver’s resignation. As I recall, in his youth, he was a regular visitor to the police station, and not in a good way.


Trump and Epstein were best friends because Trump said something nice about him 20 years ago. But Billy Clinton hardly knew him even though Epstein gave Billy Clinton $4 million and over two dozen flights to his island.

Co-op reunion

As a member of the Class of 1969 from Shamokin Area, we are coming up on our 50th class reunion. We had approximately 360 students in our class; we are having a joint reunion with Our Lady of Lourdes. Myself and other classmates are not fans of this idea. Our school had nothing to do with Lourdes, and there weren’t any co-ops at that time; we were both separate schools. And Shamokin Area would have enough students of their own to have their own reunion instead of having another school involved.

College ‘tuition’

I read the article recently about the new college coming into the area and wanting our area to fully fund it. Are you kidding me? Why don’t these colleges and businesses pay their own way? This school is getting tuition money and they want us to kick in money? Are you kidding me? I mean, it’s going to benefit our local students, but come on, this is ridiculous.

Backing down

I just read the paper, lawsuit dropped; Mr. Clausi, I never knew you to back down. And if these things were wrong, you should have stood up and defended yourself. And if you didn’t defend yourself, if you did do wrong, you shouldn’t have run for commissioner. But other ones did do wrong, too, and it’s dropped? A lawsuit’s dropped all of a sudden, and you’re not running for commissioner now. Unbelievable! What a town!

Dead end

When you drive down an alley in Mount Carmel, you take the chance of never getting out. With cars blocking the streets, at intersections and any direction you try to go. One way means nothing and yellow lines mean less.

Name names

If anybody from our area’s name’s on a deed to that Kulpmont Mill, why don’t they put their name in the paper and find out where we stand? We want to know who we’re dealing with here. I’m a taxpayer.

One word

This is for the person who said Alaska is baking, beaches in New Jersey are closed due to the high bacteria count from warming waters, triple-digit heat wave in Europe, 10 inches of rain in hours in New Orleans and a huge storm coming. Whatever could be wrong? I’ll tell you in one word if you can accept it — Godlessness.


I think to be a street department employee you should also have a driver’s license. Because due to the fact come winter time when you have 6 to 8 inches of snow, I think you should have all guys out there plowing. Not one guy riding around in the passenger seat or keeping the coffee pot warm back at the clubhouse. But, what do I know?

Help wanted

You know, Trump fired so many in his administration, just in three years, that he’s actually running out of Republicans to replace them. He’s gonna have to start hiring Democrats.

Lolita Airways

CBS News reporting on Jeff Epstein, and of course, they had to mention his relationship with President Trump. What they fail to mention is Trump banned him from Mar-a-Lago, and they never mention that Bill Clinton flew on the Lolita express 27 times; Bill said it was four times. He also said he did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky. More biased reporting!

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