Far from truth

What would someone think of a football coach talking credit for a team’s success a year and a half after he was no longer a coach? That just doesn’t sound credible to me. It also sounds the same when Obama is trying to take credit for today’s economy. Common sense should tell you that it couldn’t be further from the truth.


To the Sound Off caller who “Can’t understand,” here is an explanation. Christopher Wray, Trump’s appointment as head of the FBI, stated, “The scope of our investigation was extremely limited and limited to certain interviews. The interviews did not even include Professor Ford or Judge Kavanaugh, let alone the 40 volunteer witnesses.” As you know, unless you seek, you will not find.

Out of hand

This is for any student who is bullied. I think you should stick up for yourself and also report it to school officials, your teacher and your principal, and hopefully the superintendent of your school. If it still continues, they need to step in and do something to the bully. Some students cannot handle everything by themselves and it can get out of hand quickly. The school is responsible.

Captain obvious

Facebook engineer quits because of Facebook’s pathetic anti-conservative bias. As if that is a surprise. It has been obvious forever.

Safe home

Mr. Splitt signs his public comments while the followers of the man in the White House criticize through Sound Off, a safe playing field. Mr. Splitt, I hope you continue to be the flea in the dog’s ear.

Priority athletics

The administration and school board at Southern take care of their football players and other athletes. There is absolutely no discipline for misconduct.

Obamonopoly money

To all of the callers praising Obama’s economic performance — at what cost? The debt increased $9 trillion during his terms in office. That is $73,100 per household in the country. Let that sink in before you tell me it is our current president who has returned to paying off the well-connected with public funds. Don’t worry, though, your grandchildren are good for it.

Saudi money

Trump was slow to criticize or to initiate any action to penalize Saudi Arabia for murdering a respected journalist who was an American resident. The Saudis have purchased millions of dollars of Trump real estate and also spent hundreds of thousands staying at Trump hotels. Trump is trying to avoid angering the Saudis. He has been harder on singer Taylor Swift than he has been on Saudi Arabia.

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