Watch out

During the AOAA event in Shamokin, I witnessed one of the ATVs drive down Diamond Street the wrong way on a one-way street by Turkey Hill. He nearly got into a head on collision with an SUV turning into Diamond Street the right way. Aren’t the ATVs supposed to obey the traffic laws for these events? The ATV was white. I think it was one of the AOAA supervisors. Question: Do you sue the city or the AOAA when one of these ATVs causes an accident? Thank goodness the SUV driver was on the ball.

Give us healthcare

Republicans continue to attack proposals to provide universal healthcare. Every other highly developed nation in the world, except the U.S., has universal healthcare. It is a statistical fact that healthcare costs in these nations are less than the U.S., and yet they have higher life expectancy and lower infant mortality rates. Quality healthcare must be considered a right for every American. If other industrialized countries can provide universal healthcare, why not the U.S.?

What’s next?

So, lets see what the Democrats can concoct now to disrupt our beloved U.S.A.

Socialism’s result

If you subtract all of the progressive programs, which are hidden in the budget, they are half of U.S. spending. Take away corporate welfare and everything that remains, the few things that government should be doing, such as roads, are a fraction. Yes, “all modern countries have elements of both capitalism and socialism” — they are also in debt up to their eyeballs. Social Security, Medicare, and unfunded federal pensions worked fine for the baby boom, but now they are a demographic time-bomb, set to run out of other people’s money and collapse.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, diversity does not make us stronger. Look at what diversity is doing in the state Legislature. The session usually starts with a prayer, but now that we have a Muslim in the House, the opening prayer has to be toned down so as not to offend. The root of diverse is “div,” which means “divide.” Wake up, people.

New memo

Would someone please tell Coal Township that they lost their permit fee lawsuit on all four points? What the judge said, apparently too politely to get through, is that the township should settle. All this time has passed and reality has not sunk in. The case the township calls “senseless” is the case they lost. Please ask the judge to send a new memo. I’m sick of hearing them.

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