What you get

To the person who keeps saying that editorial articles are anti-Trump, free press is what you get — unless you want to live in Russia. You can always turn on Fox News. Then again, they weren’t even happy with our president Putin, I mean Trump, the other day.

A suggestion

Now that the Masonic building is no more I would like to suggest the property and the former A&P parking lot be incorporated into a town square park. Since this location is center city Shamokin, this area could be used as a community area for block parties, concert venues and a public area for farmer markets and exhibitions.

Illegal election

The FBI indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers for directing a sophisticated military cyber-attack on the 2016 election. That makes a total of 26 Russians indicted so far. The FBI evidence shows a massive effort by the Russian government to assist in electing Trump and damage Hillary Clinton. The next indictments will prove that the Russians coordinated with members of the Trump campaign and possibly Trump himself. Anyone who is elected with the help of foreign intelligence agents has been elected illegitimately.

No flag

Shamokin’s police station — you got a flagpole there, but you won’t paint it or clean it up and put a flag on it.

That’s all, folks

Having watched the Putin-Trump news conference in Helsinki, in the inimitable words of Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon!”

Get a pair

After listening to the Trump-Putin press conference I fear for the future of the United States. Never did I ever expect a sitting president to side with a murderous dictator. Once again, Trump was played like a drum. Come on, Congress, get a pair and set this country straight. As a Vietnam combat veteran, I call out our spineless, clueless draft-dodging president.

Second language

Great summit, Mr. Trump. When can we expect Betsy Devos, Department of Education secretary, to instruct our schools to start teaching Russian as a second language?

With honor

In answer to the question what war did the Knights of Columbus fight in? You can be both a veteran and a knight. My late husband was in World War II in England, France and Germany and also a fourth-degree Knight of Columbus.

Hanging tree

After this summit with Russia, it is apparent that a blind man can see that Putin has the goods on Trump. I think it is time to charge him with treason.

Who’s the boss

Comrade Trump, the traitor-in-chief, showed the world who is boss. Putin.

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