The clamps

Why are more and more people in American frightened to say what they think, express themselves or exercise their freedom. It is not because of President Trump. It’s quite the opposite, because the left isn’t holding back when it comes to expressing their opinions. It’s not the conservatives, libertarians or Republicans who are clamping down on freedom of thought and expression. It’s the left. The liberal left stands for control of everything.

Tell all

Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, has flipped. Of all those in Trump’s circle, Manafort had the closest ties to Russia. He will be telling the FBI everything he knows about Trump and his kids’ shady deals and their conspiracy with Russia to influence the 2016 election. In a few months, the Trump cult choir will be singing “Turn out the lights, the party’s over.”


I, too, fear that the new Dollar Store on Independence Street will look like a tin shed. Once again, the city will look like a hillbilly town if that happens. The real question is why can’t they move into the old Newberry store and do something better with that lot? Frog’s take: The Newberry building is occupied. The Salvation Army store is moving in there. I don’t really much care what it looks like. Anything is better than a burned-out rubble pile.

Never open

This is concerning Gilligbaur’s workshop on Rock and Spurzheim streets. I live in the west end of Coal Township and I go to visit some family on the east end of Coal Township every day, and I pass by there twice a day. I never see that place open, so how can he have a business if he is never open?

Bet your life

This is in reference to the caller in Wednesday’s Sound Off about betting one’s life savings on either the truth of a statement made by Donald Trump or by Bob Woodward. According to your assistant editor, it seems that he would bet their life savings on Trump because Woodward has some inaccuracies in his book and so forth. How about Trump’s documented more than 4,000 lies, inaccuracies and half-truths since he has been in the White House. I would bet my life savings on Bob Woodward telling the truth over Donald Trump any day. By the way, when is Mexico going to pay for that wall? Assistant editor: I didn’t say I’d bet my life savings on either one of them, caller.

Behaving badly

Trump states that what authors have written about him are all lies, then he proceeds to behave just as they have described.

Pay up

Kulpmont Council members get paid. The sewer authority members should get paid, then they can pay for their own meal.

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Correction. Caller would bet “ life savings”, not life.


Regarding “ Bet Your Life”. The Assistant Editor responds that he never said he,d bet his life! Well “ Assistant Editor, if you had READ the statement before responding, you would READ that the caller stated the WOODWARD caller would bet their life. No reference to what Assistant Editor would do. Please remove Assistant Editor from moderating or commenting until such time as the party can read and comprehend.

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