Wiretap scars

The Trump administration finally admitted that the accusations made by our commander-of-lies stating President Obama wiretapped his political campaign was false. Now Trump is stating, without providing any proof, that many of the people traveling from Honduras are gangsters and terrorist from the Middle East. Trump cult members continue to believe Trump’s conspiracy theories even though, time and time again, they are proven to be lies.

Loss of truth

To the Trump cult member who asks what Trump has taken away. He attacked and gutted Obamacare, millions lost coverage and millions pay more for health care. Trump’s tax cut for the rich has exploded the deficit, which will have to be paid for with cuts in benefits and programs, and ultimately, by our children. The list goes on, but the most important is the loss of truth.

Game of the week

Well, it is the game of the week and already Mount Carmel did damage. They came down and painted over the Shamokin high school wall. Come on kids, grow up. It’s only a football game.

Young vandals

The vandalism during Coal Bucket week needs to stop. Shamokin kids came on my private property, broke my hanger and stole my Tornado flag, which I owned for 20 years. Teachers and parents, please inform your kids to stop this criminal behavior.

Authentic bucket

This message is about the Shamokin-Mount Carmel game. I am just hoping that the Coal Bucket goes back to the authentic ways of having the white mums trimmed in purple and red. It was much more authentic for that game rather than fall flowers. I have noticed it every year and I think it should go back to the old-time purple and red. Frog’s take: I think it should have coal in it instead of being a glorified flower pot.

Going through changes

On Monday, Trump was campaigning in Texas and stated a 10 percent tax cut will be “put in” — enacted, next week that will benefit middle-income families. Another lie or misstatement. Congress isn’t in session until after the midterm elections and nothing can be passed regarding taxes or any issue. Or, do we have a dictator who can make these changes by his own accord?

Vulgar display of power

Previously, the Republicans were noted for fiscal responsibility, high moral values of decency and respect for others, a free press, etc. Today, the Trump Republicans are noted for vulgarity, insults to critics and allies, lies, distortions, enormous deficits, animosity and bigotry, arrogance and selfishness. True Republicans need to vote for Democrats, oust the Trump Republicans and get the GOP back in line with their original basic values and ideals. Asst. Editor: Maybe it’s time to vote in a third-party candidate for a change.

All time low

First Lady Melania Trump’s campaign is titled: “Be Best” and is dedicated to children’s well-being, cyberbullying and opioid abuse. The president is not listening to her. He referred to a woman on Twitter as “horseface” and others as “bimbo, “Pocahontas,” “dumb” or “dummy” etc. How can Trumps supporters accept this type of action? You have sunk to a new low by accepting his ignorant and abusive comments.

Let us pray

Let us all say a prayer for Ms. Stellfox, on Friday, Oct. 26, who was forced to meet God sooner than was necessary by a murderer. Let us also pray the murderer gets a conscience and confesses. It is time to pay the piper. You lived 15 years beyond your worth.


Regarding the pipe bombs sent to Obama and Hillary, my money is betting on it being a Democrat, in the hopes that it looks like a Republican. They’ve been unraveling since Election Day.

Spies like us

Do you remember when Donald Trump wanted Hillary Clinton criminally prosecuted for using an unsecured private computer server? Trump said Hillary put “all of America in great danger.” Our president refused to use a secure cell phone for private calls despite objections from security personnel. Now U.S. intelligence agencies report that both Chinese and Russian spies have been listening to Trump’s calls. By Trump’s own standards his use of an unsecured phone line is a great danger to America and a criminal offense. Lock him up.

Be kind

This holiday season, when you can be anything you want, be kind, especially to those who work retail. Many of the things that will upset you are not within their power to fix, but you do possess the power to make their day a bit more joyful. Wishing you a most blessed Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.

One-eyed dollar

With everything being done by a computer, including billing, I wonder if the dimes and cents bills are computer generated? I would call and ask, but I’d rather that than when you get a menu with a phone call and you say “agent” and the computer finds everything but that, or you get a 50 minute hold time.

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