Fertile ground

Commissioner Schiccatano was criticized for pointing out that other municipalities work with developers on permitting fees for large projects. The complaint said, “We are not Montour County.” Indeed we are not. Northumberland County does not have a great employer like Geisinger because it is known to shake people down for donations to pet projects such as rec centers instead of doing what is necessary to attract investment, like working to lower excessive fees.


Whoever said approving marijuana dispensaries is “thumbing our noses at national laws” ought to read the 10th Amendment. The federal government has no right to regulate marijuana. Our “representatives” represent the anti-pot lobbyists paid for by big pharma and alcohol companies.

Oldies but goodies

How about these presidential oldies but goodies: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky,” and, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” I don’t believe either of those quotes were from Trump.

2 wrongs not right

This is the caller about Charlie Shuey’s letter. No, I absolutely do not agree with his letter. He normally writes very good letters; but in this one, he did not hit the nail on the head. If memory serves me right, he was writing about the so-called hypocrisy. He brought in the pedophile priest and then compared this with the so-called teacher firing. Two wrongs do not make a right.


We are so lucky to have the Knights of Columbus in Shamokin. They truly do good work in feeding the hungry, providing clothing and donating to so much in the coal region. Anti-Catholic bigotry has no place anywhere. Period. I will pray for the two senators.

Commander Crazy

Many people continued to support Trump because their stock portfolio went up under Trump. These people turned a blind eye to Trump’s instability, criminality and immorality because their stocks were doing well. The stock market has crashed, the economy is slowing and experts are issuing warnings of a recession. I wonder how much these Trump stockholders like Commander Crazy now?

Swimming hole

I think it’s really sad that they are considering closing the ”swimming hole” at the Caves. Many of us used that swimming hole and have very fond memories of spending a hot summer day at that area. Another youthful memory soon gone.


Bishop Gainer has a lot of guts to write a letter that doesn’t indicate any apology for the sins of the priests and the hypocrisy in firing a pregnant, unwed teacher. He has no ground to speak to those of us who were betrayed by the “church.” Maybe he should denounce the actions of the child molesting priest and beg our forgiveness in the sins and the coverups of the diocese.

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