Adult swim

Conservatives are upset about progressives and Democrats gaining power and finally finding their voice. They use the term “liberal” like it’s an insult, and make other smug, juvenile remarks about forward thinkers. I believe, however, that their anger is really just a cover for the fear and confusion they feel now that they’ve lost every last bit of credibility or relevance. But don’t worry. The adults are in charge now.

Do your research

To the person calling to tell us that the Vatican City is surrounded by a wall. You should do some research instead of just listening to the fake news network, Fox News. Vatican City is not surrounded by a wall; you can walk into St. Peter’s Square and throughout much of the complex. There is just a white line on the ground to indicate you have crossed into Vatican City. There is a wall protecting the area where the pope works and lives, just like the White House.

A bad corner

This area has truly turned a corner. To the anti-Semite who wrote “Do unto others,” I believe a synonym for “like they tried to destroy Germany” is Jew. And to whoever wrote that vile comment, as someone who lost family in Poland during the Holocaust, I would just like to say that you are a small coward.

Personal wealth

I heard an individual boasting how Trump made money for him in stocks, now has a few cars and a million dollar home in Shamokin. That is a true Republican. He is personally wealthy and doesn’t care about the working class and the poor, health insurance or how high the national debt has risen. I guess that’s making American great.

Upside the head

Now Mary Poppins is racist. Why? Because the chimney sweeps have black soot on their faces. America is now mentally disabled. Back before you had to be politically correct, if you said something that stupid someone would call you an idiot. If you said it again you would get a slap upside your head. America needs a slap upside its head.

The plant

It appears that one of the Russian oligarchs funneled millions through the NRA to Trump’s campaign. The NRA donated $36 million to the 2016 campaign. Russia planted its agent, Maria Butina, right in the NRA leadership.

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