Great show

I would like to thank the generous and wonderful people who put on the fireworks display out by the soccer fields in Mount Carmel. It was lovely to watch.

Consider the source

To The News-Item editors and Sound Off callers: I now first look at the editorial where it’s coming from. If it’s The Washington Post, I will not read it and the same goes for columns by writers from The Washington Post or New York Times. I glance at the end of it and I will not read it. As far as Sound Off goes, the calls are too darn long. If it’s a long one, I will not read it. There are probably a lot of people out there who feel the same as I do. Editor: It’s always been my belief that reading opinions you don’t agree with is more important than reading the ones you do agree with. Sure, The Washington Post and New York Times are known for producing liberal content, but there’s nothing wrong with being exposed to a differing opinion from time to time.

Help those in need

While singing at Mass this morning, “Whatsoever you do for the least of my people, so you do unto me,” makes me understand I personally must do something to help the caged children who are now ill with chicken pox along with living in filth and hunger. I have chosen UNISEF USA. Perhaps others will do the same.

You’re wrong

This is for the non-economist who called in and said tax cuts will increase the national debt. How is allowing the taxpayers to keep more of their money increasing the national debt? What we need is to spend less, not take in more. Trump is doing the right thing.

Bomboy’s B.S.

Mr. Bomboy, it’s time to stop the B.S. If you break into someone’s home with your child and get caught, you will be separated from your child. You’re blaming the owner of the home, and that’s just stupid. If you get stopped by a cop and he asks for your license and proof of insurance, try telling him you’re not driving illegally, you just don’t have the proper documents.

No joining districts

I’m calling from Mount Carmel. I think most people from the area would not want a Shamokin-Mount Carmel jointure. That’s just my opinion.

What’s up with gas?

Good morning. It is Monday and gas in Danville is at $2.77 a gallon. What’s the store with Elysburg and Mount Carmel and the Shamokin area?

Good officer

I’m calling in about the guy who said the Coal Township code enforcement guy doesn’t do anything and has a secretary. I think he does a great job in the township considering all the work that is going on here.

Interesting twist

I honestly can’t believe what I’m reading. People are going to jail for marijuana, but yet you can punch a judge in the face in Shamokin and not go to jail? What is wrong with this picture?

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