Credulity strained

Fourteen of Trump’s closest allies are indicted and/or convicted of crimes related to Russian campaign involvement. Yet we are to believe that Trump was clean. It strains credulity.

Texas fold ‘em

Trump has discovered that Nancy Pelosi will not fold in every confrontation the way Paul Ryan did.

Mexican standoff

Trump said he was going to make Mexico pay for the wall. Why doesn’t he shut down the Mexican government and not the USA? It’s Mexico’s payment that he is looking for.


From what I read in the paper a member of Lourdes’ board is going against the rules of the school and is going to hire a lawyer to represent a teacher who got fired because she broke the rules. This is a private, religious school and not a public school. I think they have the right to set their own rules. The church does not condone cohabitation and this teacher knew it. Frog’s take: Purple Demon speaks with forked tongue.

Show respect

I am calling about “Moving up” on Southern Columbia. These people don’t understand that the class they play in is classified by the amount of students. I am a Shamokin guy my whole life and I have respect for what they do. Unfortunately, people in this area have no respect for our local sports. Maybe they should have a little respect for how well they do and how well they train their kids and bring them out.

Same difference

I am calling about the Lourdes teacher who got fired. I just wanted to take it one step further; let’s say the teacher agreed to get married and they did so at the local justice of the peace. That is what I did and when I spoke to my parish priest he told me that the Catholic church does not recognize that marriage. So, what good would have it done for her to get married anyway?

No support

As a board member of Lourdes, Mr. Varano should be supporting the laws of the Catholic Church, not saying I’ll pick which ones I want to support and the other ones I’ll just hire a lawyer and fight them. If he does not feel he can support these laws, then he should not be on the board. I, as a Catholic in the diocese of Northumberland County, want him gone.

What’s wrong?

Isn’t it funny how the Catholic priests can molest little boys and get away with it, but a teacher has a baby out of wedlock and she gets fired.

For shame

In regards to Charles Shuey’s letter to the editor, “Lourdes firing hypocritical,” I couldn’t have said it better myself. I know Naiad, too, since she was a little girl. She’s a very nice girl. Shame, shame, shame on Lourdes. The rules they are applying are not God’s; they are manmade. What hypocrites.


It seems like everything involving Trump is a criminal enterprise. Now the Trump Inaugural Committee is under investigation. The committee raised a record $107 million, double the amount raised for the Obama inauguration. Millions were received from foreign countries and many people received favors in return; both are illegal. Also, $40 million is unaccounted for.

Acrimonious divide

One of the biggest red flags of an abuser is name-calling. Name-calling is the last resort to losing control or power. While political insults in American politics are as old as the Republic, this systematic political criticism is contributing to the polarization of our democratic political system, resulting in an acrimonious divide that may be insurmountable short of revolution. On the other hand, if I did not have Sound Off, what would I do at 6 a.m. each morning?

Hate on a shelf

In keeping with the spirit of the season, would all the President Trump haters (sore losers) please back off and put your hatred on the shelf until after this blessed season. Let’s spread joy and love, not hate and discord.


I just love that the Catholic Church thinks that defrocking a priest who molested little boys is considered punishment. How about jail time?

Constitutional blip

A federal judge declares Obamacare unconstitutional and there’s barely a blip in the media. Yet if he had declared it constitutional, it’d be a 6-inch high headline, front page. Whatever happened to an unbiased media?

Worth the trip

Beautiful Christmas display at the Atlas gazebo as usual. Be sure to bring the kids and animals over to see the deer display. Albino deer very friendly. Great job as always.

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