Welcomed upon return

As the man in the White House slowly dismantles the government, his faithful followers keep drinking his Kool-Aid; however, let it be known we will welcome your return to the real world shortly. All will be forgiven.

Take off

Pelosi told Trump you cannot come to my house, and then she jumped on her broom and flew home to her villa in California.

Take your pick

For the person who does not know what lies Trump has told, he has more than 8,000 to choose from. I suggest you read the paper, watch the news or even Google it.

Oscar the Grouch

I want to thank the person for coming up to steal our garbage can in front of our house. They took the bag of garbage out of it, sat it down and walked away with our garbage can. I hope they can use it more than us. It was up there in Springfield by Sheridan Courts.

On your knees

I can’t believe what our country has turned into. New York state has passed a bill in the Senate allowing abortion right up to birth, based on a woman’s decision, based on her emotional well-being, her financial status or how she feels about it. I can’t believe what this country has become. I think we all need to get down on our knees and pray for God’s help.

Red enemy

Donald Trump, throughout his presidential campaign, sought to make hundreds of millions of dollars by pursuing a luxury hotel deal with the Russian government. This was a blatant conflict of interest. If his Russian deal was public knowledge, Trump would have lost the election.

Think about it

The evangelicals who voted for Trump, not because of his negatives — lying, sexism, racism, misogyny, immorality — but because they agree with his anti-abortion stance, appointing conservative judges, anti-LGBTQ rights, opposition of same-sex marriage, liberty to discriminate. These people are selling their souls to the devil because “it’s the message, not the messenger.” It’s frightening. A cult of Trumpeteers is now threatening our democracy.

Week by week

These people in federal government that have lost their pay, do they realize when you work in construction, when you get laid off, the first week you go and you open your claim. The second week you sign for a waiting week. The third week you sign for a check and, on the fourth week, you get one.

Shutdown shut-up

Trump, who stated he would proudly wear the mantle of the shutdown, also said he doesn’t really care about the employees because most of them are Democrats. I am going to take a big, giant guess that they are now.

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