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Eighty-five percent of Northumberland County residents support recreational marijuana and the first thing Republicans say is no. I thought they were all for freedom. The only ever subject that has that kind of agreement is 97% of Americans want federal background checks for guns but we won’t get that either, because Republicans do not represent us. They represent big money interests like private prisons and the NRA. Let’s find out who these people are and vote them out. Editor: Be careful using those numbers about recreational legalization in Northumberland County. The report that appeared in Thursday’s paper said about 85% of people who responded from Northumberland County supported it. Only 455 of about 92,000 residents gave Lt. Gov. Fetterman feedback, so the sample size is extremely small. Since the county is unquestionably majority Republican, it’s highly unlikely that 85% number carries much weight.

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Interesting... limited comments on Trumps current issues. People finally fed up and going quiet, or is the editor failing to print calls related to the latest scandal?

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