From Russia, with love

The Mueller Report stated that the Russian government believed that they would benefit from Trump’s election. Evidence is presented that the Russian government conducted a comprehensive and systematic effort to influence the election. The Trump campaign welcomed help from Russia, including illegally obtained information, and failed to inform law enforcement of an attack of a foreign adversary on the election process. As far as I am concerned, this is a crime.

Crisis of the century

Something to think about: We turn our backs on our hard working farmers and other workers, yet we let illegal aliens collect benefits illegally and disappear throughout our country. No one, yes, no one knows whether it is 20 million or 40 million illegals in the United States. This is truly the great American crisis of the century, not silly investigations of the same things over and over by a do-little Congress who fails to solve the big deals like immigration, Social Security, Medicare and issues that truly matter

Political stuntmen

Trump proclaims the economy is strong and unemployment is low. Income is rising by 0.1%, but prices are rising by 0.2% and is offset by consumer spending at 0.9%. The government hype of a strong economy is a political stunt to promote confidence and get votes. When prices rise faster than income, people are forced to pay by using savings or increase personal debt. This is bad financial management and is not a good sign for what lies ahead in the next few months. Joe’s take: Political stunt? Since when doesn’t an incumbent politician use a strong economy to promote confidence to get votes?


I have flowering trees. I thought the ornamental cherries bloom first. I also remember that someone wrote an article that Bradford pears ruin everything and grow too fast as does my maples. The beautiful sugar maples grow everywhere, sadly, where you don’t want them, often in other shrubs. We thank God for them all and life. The bees and wasps, not so much when they sting.

Tax sale policy

I just read the article about the health care facility planning to be built on Independence Street. What stuck me in the article as really odd was that Janet Barwick stated that the county doesn’t have a policy mandating how long a property can remain off the tax sale list. I was amazed by that. Why isn’t there a policy? Why haven’t the county commissioners created a ”‘policy” to get these properties on the tax sale list? They seem to want to regulate everything else. Why not this?

Can’t stop lying

The debate about the Mueller Report will continue. However, one thing that is beyond debate is the report’s unquestionable evidence that the president lies constantly and pushes his staff to lie to protect him. Trump cares nothing about the truth and is unwilling to admit when he is clearly caught in a lie. Lyin’ Donald has normalized a culture of lying, which has been accepted and supported by Trump cult members. This is such a fine example to set for our children.

Nowhere students

I also wonder what the Bucknell students ever did in Mount Carmel that made a positive difference in the community or resulted in a solution to anything? They keep coming back and get lots of happy talk and press coverage about doing this and doing that, but nothing’s changed. It’s still the same town with the same problems as before, with the end result being they write papers that go nowhere except to satisfy their college course requirements.

Deathtrap gone

Thank you, Mount Carmel Township, for removing another burned-down house at the end of Girard Street on the 100 block. Things are looking better here. It took a while, but we are grateful that this deathtrap was finally taken down. Thank you!

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