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Some of the Sound Off’s we receive are rather long, and at times, rather inflammatory. For these reasons, we usually will not print them, as we reserve that right. If you truly feel so strongly about certain individuals or events, why don’t you write a letter to the editor or an editorial — with your name attached to it. As long as it is not libelous, we may print it. Sound Off is not the forum for emailing or calling in a Declaration of Independence-length diatribe.

Capitalistic irony

I find this ironic: Bernie Sanders made $550,000 in 2018, and more than $1 million in 2016 and 2017. He also made $391,000 in sales of his book, “A Revolution and a Future to Believe in.” That said, he became a millionaire and earned so much money by selling a book that condemns the actual free market and capitalistic system he used. How ironic is that? Joe’s take: Good point, caller.

Russian asylum

When the Mueller Report comes out, will Putin give Trump political asylum or not? That’s the big question.

Charlie was right

To the comment that was made at the Shamokin Area School Board meeting: Charlie Shuey didn’t criticize the football and track coach, he was just telling the truth. He should not have been hired in Shamokin.

You do it, too

I’d like to direct this note to Mr. Shuey: You complain about the county squandering money. Point the finger at yourself with the high school having two superintendents. What a joke.

Learn to park

This is referring to parking places at the plaza and elsewhere: Please park in between the lines so other people can park. Otherwise, you’re taking up two spaces and it’s very rude.

Quick action

Twenty-six days after a mass shooting in New Zealand, their government acted to protect their citizens by enacting a law to ban semi-automatic weapons. We endorse slaughter repeatedly and think thoughts and prayers are the answer. We deserve better.

Coaching salary

Hey, Sam: If coaching isn’t about the money, why don’t you donate your time to the kids who you like so much or give the money to the boosters or some other charity?

Psychologist on Trump

Donald — the perfect example of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Check your psychology books, folks.

Unruly classrooms

When did it become OK for children to hit a child, throw chairs in the classroom or objects in the classroom? When a child did this when I was in school, they got detention the second time, paddled the third time or fourth — expelled. They didn’t get special treatment by walking with an adult to decompress. No was no, yes was yes. I understand the rights of free education, but what about the rights of the 20 other kids in the class? When did this become OK?

Thanks, churches

I just want to give a personal thank you to St. John’s United Methodist Church on West Arch Street in Shamokin. The pastor, the beautiful program she put on for Easter for the children and also a special thanks to Emmanuel United Methodist Church on Center Street in Tharptown for a beautiful and generous Easter egg hunt they put on for the children. I think too many take this for granted and hope they realize what a value these churches are for the community and I want them to know it is appreciated.

We’re biased!

Your paper always contains opinions from the Washington Post. My question is: Why wasn’t the opinion of Gary Abernathy from the Washington Post in with the headline, “Fox News was right all along?” Maybe you could put it in your paper, but I won’t hold my breath. Editor: The idea that we’re biased on national politics is ridiculous. I can speak for the newsroom when I say we don’t concern ourselves with the national landscape. Our job is to cover local news, and cover local news fairly. With that said, ask and you shall receive.

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