Just getting started

I see there’s a lot of crying and feigned outrage by Republicans, locally and nationally, because the Democrats have finally found their voice, calling out the right’s hypocrisy and lies, especially by Trump. Better get used to it, snowflakes; we’re just getting started. Editor’s take: Democrats finding their voice is fine, but why drop the “snowflake” line? With that, you sound like everyone else.

Role model

Mitt Romney, the newly elected senator from Utah, one of the most conservative states in the nation, stated, “The president’s conduct over the past two years is evidence that the president has not risen to the mantle of the office.” Romney’s character is everything the president is not. He is following the role of John McCain as a leader with integrity and principle.

Killing joke

Commander Crazy is sinking deeper into his alternate reality. Last week, one of Trump’s many lies was that there is a 10-foot wall around President Obama’s home; photos clearly show there is no wall. His inability to be grounded in reality should not be a passing joke, but a serious concern. We should all be worried that a mentally unstable person is leading our country.


American democracy has become unstable. We are experiencing trade wars, erratic policies and tariffs with China; inflated federal budgets and skyrocketing deficits; the economy and stock market going over a cliff and now a government shutdown. The economic solution to our problems is to bring back coal. If you didn’t receive it in your stocking for Christmas 2018, don’t worry, every American will get a lump this year.

Liar pile

Regarding the person calling in Trump’s lie count. Did you see the call citing, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinski,” and, “If you like your plan you can keep your plan,” which Obama said over two dozen times? I dare say that call was for you. Don’t stop counting lies when you’ve run out of fingers. Stop making excuses for the liars and taking the pitchforks to each other. Take the pitchforks to the liars — all of them.

Same page

For the bad shape that Spurzheim Street was in last year, how much money did Shamokin invest in resurfacing it? This week one of the utility companies had it all dug up. You people better get on the same page. Do all the utility work first and then repave.

British invasion

Do you know why the Beatles, the Stones and many other British bands came to the United States? Because the Brits put a 98 percent tax on their income. Looks like the Democrats are about to do the same thing to the rich in America. Goodbye, rich; have a good time in the other countries.


You know what I found out with this opioid crisis? That you really know who your friends are and aren’t.

Recycled message

This message is in regards to the number of people complaining about the recycling center. I agree; it has been a shame lately.

Eat the rich

I think all the billionaires in this country should donate about a quarter of a billion dollars to Trump for his wall and it would be paid for. After all, Trump gave them a trillion-dollar tax break. How much more can these billionaires take from this country? Time to start giving a little bit back.

Go Kulpmont

I live in Kulpmont and I am proud to say I am a resident here for a number of years. Please leave Nick Bozza alone. He is doing a terrific job both as the mayor and with Kulpmont100.

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