Lock him up

Court filings presented yet more evidence that Trump entered into a criminal conspiracy with the editor of the National Enquirer and Michael Cohen. The three men conspired to pay hush money to cover up Trump’s adulterous affairs. If these affairs would have been reported before the election, Trump would not have been elected president. The Trump payoffs are a felony offense. Lock him up.

Working poor

I’m a working person and pay for my medical insurance. It’s a good plan, mostly. But I have to take a very expensive blood thinner twice a day because of a medical condition, and the copay is almost equal to my mortgage. In addition, I help pay the monthly cost for a parent in an assisted living center because it’s all out of pocket, not free Medicaid like people in a nursing home get. So when I read about the free Narcan giveaways I wondered why if there’s money for things like that, where’s some sort of help for the working poor who go through life always doing the right thing and obeying the law?

Change your tune

Two more unqualified individuals appointed by the Trump administration: William Barr as attorney general and Heather Nauert, a Fox news anchor, for U.N. ambassador. Hey, John Lennon, “Imagine” this in the 1960s: Miss Mary Ann from Romper Room as chief of staff; Sheriff John as attorney general; Captain Kangaroo as secretary of the Navy; Hobo Kelly as secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Yes, John, the lyrics to your song would have been much different.

Follow the leader

I see that Commissioner Shoch has chosen not to seek re-election. If I were Sam Schiccatano, I would follow his lead and also retire into the sunset, because Shoch is leaving because he understands he has little to no chance for re-election. Sam should be in the same category and I believe he is.


One last call on the teacher out at Lourdes. If her boyfriend was the teacher and she was a stay-at-home pregnant girlfriend, would we even be talking about this? I highly doubt it.

Wrong county

Heard Commissioner Shoch on the radio. He said that he and Commissioner Schiccatano feel that permit fees should be regulated by the size of the job. I got news for him: If I buy an $80,000 car, the sales tax is 6 percent. If I buy a $1,000 car, the sales tax is 6 percent. He also said Geisinger cuts deals with Mahoning Township on big projects, but yet he offered no example. I got news for you, Commissioner Shoch: Geisinger and Mahoning Township are in Montour County in case you didn’t know.

You’re so vague

Everyone has an opinion among other things which we have seen in spades most recently surrounding the travesties embroiling the Catholic Church both internationally, nationally and now locally. To offer an informed opinion I, for one, would like to read the boilerplate morality clause from Lourdes Regional teacher employment terms. I suspect they don’t actually enter into an employment agreement because that would mean they would need to offer something of value. My money is on a vague, “Thou shalt not do anything that is immoral in the eyes of the church.” Mind you, the same church that turned a blind eye on pedophiles high school principals of OLOL.

Wardrobe change

Donald Trump is a pig and a traitor. After the Mueller’s investigation, I will be so, so happy to finally see him in an orange jumpsuit.

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On "Lock Him Up"

The biggest compliment you can give to political opponents is to imitate and thereby legitimate their outrageous behavior. When applied to Hillary Clinton "The chant "Lock her up" is odious and stupid because it embodies a disrespect for law and order and due process. That kind of disregard for our rights belongs in a Banana Republic not a constitutional Republic like ours. Hillary was investigated by the Attorney General's Office and multiple times by House Committees. Legal indicated as necessary, legal steps should be taken to address his alleged crimes. Calling for him to be punished before that by calling for him to be locked up is as odious and stupid and the chants of "Lock Her Up." I am sure you are not stupid any more than the anti-Hillary enthusiasts are all stupid. But you are a reminder to al of us that intelligent people can do harmful, even dangerous things. Please apologize for your lapse in judgment. You're better than that.

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