Constant change

On Ms. Smoogen’s behalf, she should have added that the union contract for a full-time secretary is 7.5 hours. Changing the status to 8 hours puts them in administration positions, meaning those raises are different than the union secretaries and they would continue to benefit more than their compatriots. So hiring one person to replace keeps the other three secretaries within normal contract raises. The one hired would only be allowed the generous raises the administration likes to give themselves, not three taking her place. Over the years, three new administrative secretaries cost will cost taxpayers a lot more. I in part agree with some things Mr. Shuey has said, but over the years, with constant changing of administration positions by adding titles instead of placing these people back in a classroom due to internal problems, has cost millions for jobs that aren’t needed. Just why was an administrative secretary terminated? This was a discipline action, another action in this already shaky school district.

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