Mixed nuts

The Democrats around this area seem normal, but what happens when they get to Washington? Well, they get brainwashed by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Therefore, throw Casey out and put Barletta in. Editor’s take: Everyone will have their say on that in November. It’s called an election, and the peaceful transition of power in a democracy.

Smell the coffee

Judge Trump on his actions, not on what he says. If building up the military, putting sanctions on Russia and giving arms to Crimea is treason, you should wake up and smell the coffee. Editor’s note: Isn’t that the problem, though, that he contradicts himself? Aren’t we supposed to be able to trust what our president says?

Tree-son Frog

Let’s talk about Sound Off. In Friday’s paper, seven out of 10 articles are against the president of this great country. In Saturday’s Sound Off, 15 calls were against the president of this great country. If anybody should be tried for treason, Frog, it should be you. Frog’s take: Oh, brother! Ever hear the saying “don’t shoot the messenger?”

Games without frontiers

While the media-driven leftist hysteria about President Trump’s non-existent electoral collusion with Russia continues to build, the left continues to ignore the long-standing collaboration of its biggest star with the communist who used to rule Russia. That star, of course, is 76-year-old Bernie Sanders, the so-called Democratic socialist U.S. senator from Vermont whom the Hillary Clinton controlled Democratic National Committee quite literally robbed of the Democrat’s 2016 presidential nomination.

Mob rules

When Democrats say democracy they really mean communism by mob rules.

Well done

As a (Mount Carmel) township resident, I would personally like to thank Mr. Domanski and Mr. Susnoski for not agreeing to the shady deal proposed by Kulpmont Council. With the new hiring, it is quite clear that Kulpmont has the funds for a full-time police force. Well done, supervisors. Well done. Editor’s take: For what it’s worth, the original deal for Kulpmont was drafted by the township.

Young guns

Just when you think things can’t get worse in Kulpmont, borough council puts a kid in as chief of police, then hires another kid as a cop that is not yet certified.

Change with the times

Concerning Pennsylvania high school sports, the PIAA and state should realize things have changed since 1972. There was no state championship, at least not in football. Each conference had its own little championship and that was it. The problem with public and private schools wasn’t a big issue. There also weren’t as many sports at each school and fewer girls programs and participants. Change with the times.


It makes me sick to read Sound Off anymore. The truly spineless cowards are people like the Sound Off callers saying this horrendous crap about our president. Why don’t you include your name after them? And yes, Frog, I am a proud member of the Trump cult. I have 31 Trump T-shirts and have been wearing a T-shirt and a hat every day for the last two years, and I sign my name to the letters to the editor I write. No one has yet to approach me negatively about my T-shirts or my hats. When was the last time you seen somebody wearing a Hillary T-shirt? Never; they are too embarrassed.

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