Trump suppresses information, disseminates propaganda, spreads fear and lies. These are the attributes of an autocratic leader, not a leader of a republic. He criticizes both conservative news sources and Christian publications when they do not agree with him. Our nation cannot flourish with this type of leader. How can the Trump base justify this behavior?

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Regarding the editors note to” County Bias” : I seriously doubt that “ under contract” means no additional costs. Maybe the solicitors hourly rate is fixed, but it’s doubtful that it’s all the legal work you want at one fixed dollar amount. That’s ridiculous. Anyway, a Right-to- Know request would get the reporter an accurate answer instead of making things up. Furthermore, commissioner Schiccatano wants to settle. Be mindful, he filed the lawsuit. He is the plaintiff. He needs to settle or drop the case. The legal fees will soon exceed the amount at issue. Foolish.

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