Loyalty above all

Trump demands loyalty above integrity and truthfulness. Barr’s comments on the Mueller Report are similar to the comments Sarah Sanders, Mitch McConnell, Betsy DeVos and Sean Hannity will say to protect Trump and make him look like a gift from God. Barr’s comments are certainly in line with other “fake news” reports that comes from this administration. Joe’s take: If you were the president, you would demand integrity, truthfulness, and above all, loyalty from your staff, too. I know I would.

Someone else in 2020

When Trump is finally out of office, gone from Washington, D.C., we’ll finally have a nation that is being governed by people who know something, anything, about governance! Joe’s take: And who would that be? Oh, let me guess... career politicians.

Lying, cheating Trump

Why doesn’t it bother Trump supporters that they support a president who lies, cheats and defrauds the public, and that every other statement that comes out of Trump’s mouth is not true? Especially when they have seen video tapes comparing many of Trump’s statements which prove beyond any doubt that that Trump is a liar.

‘No’ to home rule

All those running for the home rule committee say they do not want to raise taxes even though the only reason to convert to home rule is to raise taxes. Politicians are they! More taxes will chase away what remains of the tax base. I hope Shamokin votes “no,” or elects a board that is most skeptical of home rule.

Home rule fail

The problem with voting for a home rule committee is that the next time the voter has a say is when it is time to adopt or reject the charter that the committee creates. Because that question is posed to all, and not just the payers of the EIT tax who will foot the costs, the result will ultimately fail. The only people who should vote on adopting the charter are EIT players. Anything else will ultimately, mortally wound what remains of the tax base because incentives are not aligned.


Trump and this administration have certainly changed Washington politics into a mystery, a riddle or let’s refer to it as a “conundrum.” The 2020 elections should bring change, and hopefully, get our government back on track. This Congress is concerned about loyalty to Trump and his royalty. Trump does not have the desire or the ability to fulfill the responsibilities of his office. Currently, we have ineffective and failed leadership. Voters need to elect qualified, honest and trustworthy individuals in 2020 to avoid another “conundrum” in 2020.

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