Good times

Wonderful afternoon at the well-organized Knights of Columbus wine fest. Delicious pizza, potato cakes, chicken pot pie and steak sandwiches by the crew of Holy Angels Parish and Schicchitano Pizza. Another successful Kulpmont community event.

Hate tactics

Michael Reagan’s editorial on Saturday was right on point. I personally abandoned the Democratic Party years ago when they turned to hate tactics. They have no right talking against bullying, lying and prejudice when they are the epitome of it.

Back to reality

I read Kenn Splitt’s letter again and did not find any false statements. It is interesting that Trump cult members call people liars but never provide any factual proof of their accusations. Instead, they live in their great leader’s world of lies, exaggerations and conspiracy theories. Keep telling the truth, Mr. Splitt. Someday Trump cult members may come back to reality.

Snake oil

Trump just appointed Jeffery Bossert as an assistant U.S. attorney general, responsible for overseeing America’s natural resources. Bossert is the oil company attorney who defended BP Oil Co. in the Deep Horizon Oil spill, which dumped 210 million gallons of crude oil off the coast of Louisiana. Oil companies now have a get-out-of-jail-free card for their next environmental disaster. Trump just let another fox into the henhouse.


The strategy of the Republican Party is to use tactics that smear opponents with character assassination. These politicians are now in power and have a stronghold on our democracy. William Lederer’s book, “A Nation of Sheep,” written in 1961, describes how so many Americans vote for self-serving Republicans who protect their wealthy friends and disregard, with arrogance and contempt, the common good. We are now experiencing those times. We need to vote in the next election and demand change.

No feeding

Maybe if people stopped feeding the cats we wouldn’t have this problem with strays. You’re not just feeding cats. You’re also feeding rats, possums, raccoons and possibly bears. These people who feed them should be fined and made to pay to get them neutered.

Honor among thieves

Trump said Republican Congressman Devin Nunes should receive the Medal of Honor? What, for the lies and conspiracy theories he has told to try to protect the president? Nunes never even served in the military. Draft Dodger Don has insulted every recipient of the Medal of Honor as well as everyone who served in the armed forces. Trump would not know what “honor” is if it hit him on the head.

Staying put

Hey, Shamokin Indians. You’ll beat Shikellamy, but the Coal Bucket will stay in Mount Carmel.

Better leadership

A call into Sound Off said we need better leadership in Congress. Like who? Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats who voted to put this country into bankruptcy?

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