Mueller drama

After watching a few minutes of Bob Mueller’s testimony, I was shocked that a man like this was in charge of investigating the president of the United States. He knew nothing about his own report. I thought I was watching Barney Fife or maybe Maxwell Smart. I was waiting for him to bring out his shoe phone. I thought that he was about to say fusion GPS was how to fasten your GPS to your dashboard. His testimony proves one thing — be careful what you ask for.

Greed corrupts

All you crazy Republicans that think Trump is doing such a wonderful job — he’s not. He’s trying to ruin this country. He’s trying to take everything off the poor people. He’s greedy, greedy, greedy.

Dirt spreader

I see Shamokin finally got the old dirt spreader going. Way to go, Shamokin, get these streets cleaned up. It’s looking good, I’ll tell you what.

Pick and choose

Despite my repeated Sound Off about illegal left hand turns into and out of Wendy’s, nothing is done. However, go over your meter time and bam, they’re right there.

Switch to Fox

Maybe you should start watching Fox News because evidently your source of news has left you uninformed. The example of how Obama hates America and tried to change it are many and would fill this complete page. Check out Fox and inform yourself.

For the rich

We’re supposed to have a government of the people for the people. Instead, we have of the rich and for the rich. It looks like a civil war going on between the Democrats and Republicans. Let me tell you something — you’re about to lose medical, food stamps and next will be welfare. Trump will save that. He will hand out tents so you can all live by the riverside. Maybe then you’ll be happy voting for that clown.

Bad headline

The front page of Thursday’s News-Item states in color that Mueller gets no Russia exoneration. Of course not. I think that statement is absolutely misleading. Most people who read that think Trump is not exonerated by Mueller. What I think most fail to realize, and The News-Item realizes, but puts in anyway so they can disparage Trump by implication, is that Mr. Mueller had no authority to exonerate Donald Trump. No one had any authority to exonerate Donald Trump. But when Mueller made that statement, he implied that President Trump is guilty of something. In my own opinion, I think Mueller, the Democrats and The News-Item should be ashamed for posting what I feel is false news.

Ted talk

To the lady who said Ted Kennedy has done a lot of good things. He killed that girl, she was in that vehicle for three hours and he was home sleeping. It’s true that President Trump shouldn’t have said what he did about John McCain, but you can’t bring that girl back.

Big fans

The two Yankees fans that are crying about the Yankees not being on TV. Just because you are the size of four Yankee fans each, doesn’t mean that makes up for more people that like the Yankees. If you want to watch the Yankees, move to Allentown, I’m sure the bar seats won’t miss you.

Selectively pro-life

Attorney General Bill Barr wants the federal death penalty reinstated. Now we will watch and see if the evangelicals or pro-lifers come forward in protest. If you are pro-life, it doesn’t mean just fetuses.

Red, white and blue

White, black, tan and yellow. I am sure we are other colors, also. As for me, I am red, white and blue. I stand for the flag and knee before the cross. I love this country and always will love the USA. Love it or leave it!

Living free

What are the police supposed to do about people on the benches throwing trash in the park? They own nothing to take from them in fines. The food in the wrappers they toss was paid for by SNAP. You could throw them in jail, so in addition to feeding and clothing them you can keep a roof over their head, except their rent is already paid. They live free in every way possible. That’s why Ken Young said what he said. The tea party stood for Taxed Enough Already for a reason.

Still there

The cars still sit on Lombard and Sunbury streets with expired inspections and no tow stickers!

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