State of the art

Great! We have a state of the art prison. They have a program for prisoners to get them back into the community. That’s great! The only problem is that the community is Shamokin. I wish the prison would have been built where it was supposed to be built, at any cost, not secretly built so close to Shamokin.


It is alleged that the Selinsgrove Walmart told its greeter individual that he needs to perform new tasks such as standing his whole shift and lifting 25 pounds and that he has to comply to remain on the job. Is Walmart arguing that providing a “reasonable accommodation” such as a chair is an “undue hardship?” This is reprehensible in my opinion.

10 to 20

The bumper sticker isn’t “Trump-Pence 2020,” it’s “Trump- Pence 10 to 20!”

Bullet storm

The other side of the Aurora Shooting is this: Everyone has a gun strapped on. I doubt that there would be a Buffalo Bill Cody in the entire bunch. It is much tougher mentally to shoot a person than a target. Everyone draws their weapons, but not everyone knows who started the whole thing. Bullets start flying everywhere.

Open arms

So this Alabama ISIS bride thought the grass was greener and left here to go to Syria and fight against the U.S., now realizes how good she had it here and wants to come back? She wrote online that Muslims in the U.S. should run their vehicles into crowded places and kill as many Americans as they could. If we had a Democrat in office, he or she would probably be welcoming this piece of human dung back with open arms.

Down on the upside

The black actor who is all over the news will finally be arrested for filing a false report about being attacked for being black. This is the reason we still have a racial chasm in our country. If this were a white man claiming this, everyone would be screaming for his head and he’s a racist, etc. Since this guy is black and gay, he’ll be slapped on the wrist and be welcomed back into the fold because he saw something on TV when he was five that scarred him for life. This country is so upside down.

Switch gears

One of Trump’s die-hard supporters, Ann Coulter, has now referred to him as an idiot. She joins the ranks of Tillerson, Kelley, McCaIn, McMasters and Mattis who share her opinion.

Out of the game

The Northumberland County Prison for decades has been a host to various things of corruption, suicides and mismanagement. Yes, we certainly had different commissioners over the years, but the commissioners and the board are the people who are to oversee it. Obviously, we also had different wardens over the years and the problems still keep occurring. So, it seems to me Northumberland County just constantly sets an example that it cannot run a prison. When the former prison burned down, they should have took their money and got rid of the county prison. Yes, it costs more money, but in the long haul with all these lawsuits that our insurance company constantly has to pay out due to mismanagement, how much better would we be in the future.

Hats off

The media, politicians and Hollywood got it wrong again. Just like they did with the Covington High School students. Jussie Smollett seems to have fabricated the whole story. What did the stories have in common? MAGA hats. I wonder if Robin Roberts is going to interview the two Nigeria brothers. It seems as though they all have the Dan Rather syndrome. Maybe Brian Williams will give us the real story. Bias, false reporting.

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