Hen house fox

The new director of probation and parole in Pennsylvania is a convicted felon. I say that again, a convicted felon is in charge of the Probation and Parole Board, who served nine years for drug dealing and weapons charges. What the hell is wrong with this governor? He went out of his way to pardon this guy so that he could hold this high office. It appears he’s more worried about legalizing pot and being politically correct than anything else. This is like handing the keys to the hen house to the fox. Is there no personal accountability for one’s actions anymore? Felons have been barred from holding office for decades, and for good reason — they cannot be trusted. I don’t care how reformed one claims to be, there is a weakness of character that cannot be reformed. This country is so upside down.

Way of the Wolf

Something to think about. Our lieutenant governor has allegedly told his state police protection unit to look the other way when he smokes weed, this is on a daily basis. Our governor has appointed a convicted felon to head the Board of Probation and Parole. This guy has been convicted numerous times of drug offenses, not just once. That is akin to pardoning a pedophile and placing him in charge of children and youth. And our state surgeon general is a transgender woman, a guy who dresses like a woman, no surgery done, who is now in a relationship with a woman — yes, a woman. So is he a transgender lesbian? I can’t even wrap my mind around that. This is the Democratic agenda, people. Please, open your eyes.

True Shamokinite

In response to your comment in the April 9, Sound Off in response to the individuals who expressed their unrest about the headline referring to “Shamokin” woman. I want to cast a different light on it. It’s not that the residents of our area don’t want people to move here, but what is happening is that people aren’t moving here for our booming economy. Many move here because there are Housing Choice Vouchers available through the Federal Section 8 Housing Program, since those vouchers aren’t available in many metropolitan areas. Along with the influx of families with a different set of values, culture and sense of community, we have seen a decline in the fabric of our community and a rise in criminal activity and drug traffic. What many people want to see is instead of “Shamokin woman,” that it would just say “woman.” In fact, according to the article, the suspect in the stabbing had two addresses, and one of those was a Philadelphia address. If you are a contributing member of the community — a tax paying, law abiding citizen — you can definitely say you are from Shamokin.

Low standards

I, along with many people, wholeheartedly agree with “The Outsiders” and “Freebies.” These people do not contribute in a positive manner to this community. They are here because of the “low standard” of living that is becoming so prevalent because of them. Drugs, mayhem and blight is what the majority of these people have brought with them. When they step up to make positive changes to the community, they will then be looked at as residents. Until then, they are only people who bought cheap housing here for all the wrong reasons. Joe’s take: I think the blight has been here before the “outsiders” showed up, caller.

Affordable Shamokin

I was born in Philadelphia and lived there for two months. I lived in many places, but mostly here. Many lived here and left because of jobs and paid more for homes. I could not afford to leave here now. People come to Shamokin for that reason and many stay and travel to work. Sound Off is for opinions — you don’t have to read it. The assistant editor has to, God love him. Joe’s take: Yes, I do, caller.

Garden State kid

You are not from Shamokin, you live in Shamokin. You are from New Jersey. And it’s a pleasure having you here since you apparently know how to behave yourself. Now if you had kids while living here, they could say they are from Shamokin. Joe’s take: Hats off to my home state!

Art of noise

Congratulations to Zerbe Township for passing a common sense noise ordinance. I hope they fund their entire township from the proceeds since the surrounding communities are too wimpy to put a stop these loud bikers and trucks at all hours of the night. If Shamokin would do this, they wouldn’t be broke. Maybe someone would even want to live there because they could sleep at night.

Conspiracy kookaloos

The latest piece from Nicole Faraguna (April 7) was both enlightening and disturbing. I agree that only the most vile and heinous person would literally mock the parents of slaughtered children, as these conspiracy nuts do. We need to call out these deranged people. If they have the right of free speech to perpetuate horrendous lies, we have the right to tell them, and their defenders, how disgusting they are.


Here are two suggestions for future presidential candidates: They must provide to the RNC, DNC and the media (1) a certified copy of their birth certificate and (2) their previous five years of tax returns. Consequently, two potential problems are eliminated.

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