Thanks, first responders

On July 3, I was injured slightly injured in an automobile accident in Elysburg and I would like to thank the Ralpho Township Police Department and the EMTs for being so professional, so kind and caring and just wanting to make things better. Thanks again, guys. You’re real assets to Ralpho Township.

Need more info

This is regarding statewide tax recovery: When they send out a delinquent tax notice, I don’t understand why they can’t put the year and what tax you owe.

Sources matter

For many years, I’ve looked at the source of an article and if I see The New York Times, Washington Post, AP, etc. I will read the first and last paragraph of their fascist, commie opinions.

Combine schools

My opinion on this topic is that churches join because of having less and less parishioners and the schools should do the same thing. There are less and less students, so it’s the only economically reasonable thing to do. Close down these half-full buildings and get rid of some of these teachers, too.

Arrest the dealers!

You talk about Crime Watch in Kulpmont. There’s a councilman who lives a few doors from a place that sells dope, and he doesn’t do anything about it. I don’t know if he says he can’t see it or what, but it’s only two houses away. Put that in the paper. Editor: Would you like the councilman to illegally break into the drug dealer’s house and make arrests? Or, maybe he could tell the police department to break into the house with no reasonable articulable suspicion and make unconstitutional arrests that won’t stick. I’m not sure what you want the councilman to do in this situation. It takes a lot (including a warrant) for the police to enter a home and make arrests. Judges don’t just hand those out because someone called Sound Off and said where a drug dealer lives.

Immigration joke

A burglar walking down the street finds a house with no lights on. He breaks in. Once inside, since he’s hungry, he decides to check the refrigerator for food and finds plenty of sandwich fixings so he makes a sandwich. He finds some soda, also. He goes into the den, turns on the TV and makes himself comfortable on the couch. When the homeowners return, they find him sound asleep and immediately call the police. It’s a strange situation, but the burglar refuses to leave. Once inside, he says he’s a guest and expects the homeowners to allow him to stay and take care of him. He has the nerve to ask, “What time is breakfast?” This scenario could never happen, right? Reminds me of what is going on at the U.S./Mexico border. Another episode of the Twilight Zone or a new reality show?

Do-nothing social club

President Trump correctly called the UN a social club that does nothing but sit around and talk. Truth is that, without the United States providing the vast majority of the funding to the UN, it would have folded decades ago and not be in existence today. The U.S. contributes more than two and a half times the combined China and Russia contributions, and Trump correctly shamed other countries for not paying their fair share. Facts are pesky little devils, right Ken?

Complex vs. simple

The brilliant British ambassador to the U.S. describes Trump and the administration as “inept,” “insecure” and “dysfunctional.” Trump responds by calling him “wacky,” “a very stupid guy,” and a “pompous fool.” Trump’s descriptive words are on the vocabulary level of an eighth-grade student!

Calendar girls

Trump now says he was not a friend of billionaire Jeffery Epstein who has been convicted and is now indicted with additional charges of sex trafficking underage girls, some only 14 years old. Reports verify that Trump held a calendar girl party at his Mar-a-Lago resort flying in 28 young women for this event. Trump held that party exclusively for Jeffrey Epstein. The only ones in attendance at this party, besides the young girls, were our future porn-star dating President Donald Trump and his good buddy, child sex predator Jeffrey Epstein. You know what they say: Birds of a feather flock together!

Brainwashing America

Always enjoy reading Mr. Young’s very intelligent and logical opinions. They are truthful, factual, and more importantly, not fake news. Our good American citizens should take the time in their busy lives to search for the truth amongst the fake news and its brainwashing of America. The pity is that, historically, this brainwashing has worked and brought an end to nations. So don’t be a Rip Van Winkle. Stop, look and listen, then determine fact from fiction. It’s your and your children’s America.

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