Common sense

To all the people who think President Trump is stupid, stop watching fake news. It takes common sense; put politics aside. I learned that in school in the 1960s, how corrupt this world is. We need that wall. We don’t want to be like Venezuela and Cuba. Also, look at San Francisco with the homeless in the streets. There is no place to go to bed. The world is getting crazy. Our own people need help.

Dark bishop

Bishop Gainer brought disturbing baggage with him when he was transferred here from the Diocese of Lexington, Kentucky, including negative publicity in the Chicago Tribune about his failures to quarantine known abusive priests. Query his name on the internet to see lots about him, most of which is not favorable. It’s the darkness behind the pulpit.

Orange man bad

News reports, verified by multiple sources, state that Trump contacted the acting attorney general demanding that he assign a pro-Trump prosecutor to the investigation of payoffs involving Trump, Michael Cohen and the adult film star. This is yet another obvious Trump attempt to obstruct justice. If reporters can obtain this information, you can be assured the FBI has this evidence ,and more. Obstruction of justice is an impeachable offense and a criminal felony. Lock him up!

Trojan man

If so-called pro-lifers are so outraged by abortions, why do they oppose affordable contraception in Obamacare? Birth control is the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancies. If you truly want to prevent abortions, hand out condoms. Far more productive than calling Sound Off. Assistant editor: Are you saying Sound Off is unproductive?

Those Russian dictators

Research analysts have determined that Trump has attacked the Russian investigation, in public statements and tweets, more than 1,200 times. It was also determined that Trump publicly complimented Vladimir Putin a total of 61 times. Never has a president showed this kind of support for a murderous, Russian dictator. Comrade Trump is doing his best to make Russia great again. Assistant editor: FDR showed lots of support for Comrade Stalin during World War II — a murderous, Russian dictator.

Rock and roll, part 77

Why come down on Robert Kraft? If he can still rock and roll at 77 years old, good for him! His wife died years ago. What’s the big deal?

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