Off the rails

A handful of Republicans are finally publicly questioning Trump’s actions and admitting the Trump White House is off the rails. What took them so long? They have been aware for a long time that Trump was unfit for the presidency, narcissistic, irrational and immoral. By constantly defending Trump, the Republican Party has become intellectually and morally bankrupt. The Republican Party will never recover from Trumpy the Clown and the circus he created Washington.

Open position

After catching flack from Limbaugh and Coulter, Captain Chaos shut down the government because he can’t get $5 billion for his stupid wall, that, by the way, he swore would be paid for by Mexico. Critical policies are being formed by know nothing right-wing blowhards. Could there be a presidential adviser position in the works for Greg Maresca?

Waste of money

Trump’s expensive border wall is a waste of money and will not solve the immigration problem. Tax dollars would be better spent on health care, education, transportation infrastructure, etc. The claims of the U.S. being “under attack” or invasion” is nothing more than his false news. He is responsible for creating a humanitarian crisis by his restrictions on legal immigration. If your ancestors were not Native Americans or slaves, you trace your American heritage to immigration.

Pipe down

While recently at a local Shamokin restaurant, I became engaged in a casual conversation which quickly turned to be religion-based. Please be aware how offensive your actions can be to some people. Your mission is not mine. Leave people alone or be polite enough and ask if they would like to talk about your topic.

Dumb dumb

I think Trump should quit. He is so dumb that he doesn’t know what he was doing. He just got rid of one of the best guys in his office and he is spending money like crazy.

Happy happy

First of all Merry Christmas. I hope the priests and the Catholic Diocese is very happy on the Naiad Reich not being able to get her job back. The people should take their kids out of Lourdes, people should go there and picket and they should put the pedophile priests in jail.

What goes around

Perhaps Sister Bednar should start looking into some of her other teachers and staff’s backgrounds. I am sure there is much worse immorality going on at Lourdes than an unwed, pregnant teacher. What is done to one should be done to others. Merry Christmas.

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