Sarcasm overload

Just who does this “Pastor Bowers” think he is? You may only sing the songs of freedom on the designated holidays. You can’t just go and do nice things for people whenever it suits you. You must first kiss the ring. An administrator from the court of the king has made his decree. Do you think this is a free country or something?


There is no doubt the Democrats are just getting their voice. Now that they support balanced budgets and war with Syria, I needed help identifying who they were. They are the party who mocked Romney for claiming Russia was still a threat. Look who’s afraid of Russia now? Once back in power, the Democrats will spend, and bomb, and spy, just like the new boss.

Foreign students

I was reading a report about enrollment at local universities and it said that at Bucknell University there are 268 foreign students and at Susquehanna University there are 45. So this means that 313 possible USA students weren’t accepted at an American university. Not only is unjust, but shouldn’t we be educating citizens of our country before we educate foreign students? Editor’s note: There is a lot more to the enrollment process than you suggest here. And as private universities, they are free to accept whatever students they want.

Fake news

Even FOX News reported on the lies and misleading statements in Trump’s prime time speech. Anchor Shep Smith rejected Trump’s statement about violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants; he reported statistics showing there is less violent crime per capita committed by illegal immigrants than our general population. He also reported illegal border crossings have been steadily going down for the last 10 years and that most illegal drugs are not smuggled into the U.S. over the Mexican border. Trump’s border crisis is fake news.


Because the government is shut down, our national parks are being trashed and destroyed by us (we the people). Who is going to be blamed for it and how much is it going to cost to return the parks to their once beautiful condition? Doesn’t sound like MAGA is helping to me. Editor’s take: Just because parks are shut down doesn’t give people the right to trash them. That’s no one’s fault but the people doing it.

Good choice

Years ago, Melissa Farrow wrote a wonderful story on the addiction of a member of her family. She is a wonderful person and how wonderful that she has offered to help many people with this. Thank God for a person like that. I admire her and I wish her the best.

Please help

I am calling about the “Long con” in Sound Off. What has President Trump done to actually con people? We keep talking about thousands of lies and untruths, but at what? Did he say if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor? If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance?

Keep talking

In regards to “Long con” and all the other complainers about President Trump, get over it. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And guess what, tulip? He is going to be here another four years when he gets reelected in 2020.

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To “ please help”: what did he do? It’s all too long to list but how about 1) Trump University where he repaid, after lawsuits filed, 25 million dolllars to defrauded students; and 2) “ drain the swamp” where the fact is that many of his closest associates are under indictment and multiple cabinet level members are or were under investigation for their actions.

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