Facebook comments

I believe the police departments should have someone monitoring their Facebook comments instead of allowing all these hateful words to be said about people they charge. As a 19-year-old girl, I know for a fact it’s not right and we’re told to stop bullying and people are committing suicide, yet the older generation is calling people stupid and dirtbags and so on whenever the police have to post their picture of commuting a crime.

Promises, promises

Trump promised to quickly bring down the U.S. trade deficit. It never happened. Under Trump, our trade deficit has hit an all time high. Trump also promised to eliminate the federal budget deficit in eight years. Thanks to Trump’s tax cuts for his wealthy friends, our budget deficit has skyrocketed with no end in sight. Apparently, when Trump makes a promise, the exact opposite happens.

Come clean

It’s been over a month since the unceremonious resignation of a Mount Carmel teacher and girls basketball coach. With the innuendos, speculation and rumors circulating throughout the area, I think the administration owes it to public to come clean with what happened. The “no comment” approach is not acceptable. If there is nothing for parents to worry about then they should come out and say so. It’s only right for everyone involved, including the teacher. Editor: We could not agree more.

Fill ‘er up

If these fire companies in Kulpmont want to make money, why don’t they go around filling swimming pools up — charge $100. People would be glad to give you $100 to fill their pool. Think about it.

Thank you, students

I want to thank all our area high school students and athletes. Your accomplishments and efforts, musically, academically and athletically have been outstanding. You have brought much enjoyment and pride to our area. Thank you, also, to The News-Item for the outstanding photography work you do covering all of our schools, athletic teams and school events. This area certainly has a lot to be proud of, and God bless you all, especially our new high school graduates. Good luck, and God bless you all. Joe’s take: Thank you for the positive call, caller. It is very refreshing to get such a call on Sound Off.

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Thank you students, well said.

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