On the record

If you are going to quote a Fox News story, please, get it right. The story they ran said they could prove some of the items mentioned in the magazine article but could not find any proof to the things that they said President Trump said about the troops, but they have got 15 people who were at the event who said the president never said any such thing, and they all went on record.

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So, a whole group of anonymous callers to sound off don’t believe trump ever disparaged our troops and veterans. Interesting. They never heard what trump said about war hero McCain, before or after his death? They never heard what trump said about hero Khan , a dead gold medal recipient? Nothing? They heard none of that? It went from trumps lips right across the television screen. Where are these callers getting their so called information? Completely ignorant, stupid or brainwashed? Editors, why don’t you put a corrective note to these comments. It’s not an issue of opinion. It’s factual and easily verifiable.

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