Snowball’s chance

You said, “Don’t kill the messenger.” Frog is the messenger for who or what? It is Sound Off. So, you just admitted that Sound Off is nothing more than a pack of lies. Frog, how can you possibly enjoy publishing lies day after day. You are on a fast roller coaster to hell, and when you get there the liars from Sound Off are going to say, “Isn’t it nice and cool down here?” If you don’t get that you are dumb. Frog’s take: Since you are a regular Sound Off caller, I suppose you will be among those there to greet me. I’m your messenger and everyone else’s who calls in or emails Sound Off. We don’t produce this content. You, the readers, do. These sins and lies are not on me. I have my own to deal with.

Walled off

Ms. Faraguna strikes again. She elevates trees above human life. She’s playing her cherry-picking politics, sliding right past the fact that her own puppetmasters — Obama, Clinton etc. — approved a “costly” barrier in 2006. And today versus then, the wave of illegal immigrants is unprecedented. Border patrol agents do want a wall, as do most Americans who hold the value of human life higher than that of trees. Go hug a tree, Ms. Faraguna, but I bet Mrs. Singh wishes she could hug her husband once more.

Ready for sheering

Republicans fall for bogus immigrant crime statistics the same way that Democrats fall for bogus gun statistics. Building a border wall has as much to do with safety as banning guns. The truth is, governments, like farmers, prefer their livestock to be defenseless and in pens with high walls — all the better if you can trick the fools to ask for both.

Border line

Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress want the borders open for the votes they generate, not for the good of the country. My grandparents came in through Ellis Island, were vetted properly, started a mom/pop store and, after the appropriate time elapsed, applied for citizenship. Not any of the riff raff throwing rocks at our border guards will ever do that.

Scam has begun

The standard Republican scam is beginning. It happened after Reagan and Bush. When Republicans are in power, they have no concern about running up massive debt and give the borrowed money to their rich donors through tax cuts and corporate subsidies. Later when the Democrats take power, Republicans become hysterical about the national debt and push to cut funding for programs benefiting seniors, working families and the poor, while fighting to protect the tax cuts they gave to the rich.

Wrong guy fired

Penn State fires the wide receiver coach. They should fire the head coach. Franklin blew three games this year. He might be a recruiter, but he’s no head coach. He’s nothing but a cheerleader. He couldn’t carry Joe Paterno’s shoes or O’Brien’s shoes. Happy New Year, Nittany Nation.

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