Natural causes

Let’s keep all the vehicles and ban all the guns, that way death will only be natural. We will never live in a perfect world. Grow up.

Join the ranks

Two mass shootings in two different cities on Monday. One cannot even keep up with the count. Prayers for those unfortunate families who join the ranks of our 33,000 annual gun deaths.

Get involved

I wanted to say what a great article and pictures about the western section of the AOAA. A lot of unique points of interest were mentioned. It looks like the work that the Shamokin Creek Restoration Alliance has done is being noticed. The AOAA looks to have found a great partner in the SCRA. The SCRA needs more active members and our area sure can use the help. Get involved. Great work, AOAA and SCRA.


Christmas came early for the still employed SASD superintendent. And six school directors should think about the money they are throwing about. Exactly how long do we need this “transition?” Mr. Zack cannot handle a snow day properly, that has been proven for 20 years. Ask any parent. You are also sending the message that Mr. Venna is a poor choice as well. Total trainwreck, but we “get the government we deserve.” Joseph de Maistre is 100 percent accurate.

Combat rock

Historically, Thanksgiving was a time when the president would visit our troops in combat zones. Trump has been in office almost two years but has never visited our soldiers in combat, the only president in modern times not to do so. Trump has found the time during the last two years to visit his golf resorts 210 times. If Trump built a golf resort in Afghanistan maybe he would finally visit combat personnel.

What’s the story?

I don’t understand why gas is $2.73 in Danville at the Fuel On. What is the story with the Mount Carmel, Shamokin and Elysburg area?

‘Weather’ or not

How in the world can the Department of Transportation say the reason they didn’t go out and plow earlier was because of the weather people? I use weather people all the time and they were 100 percent right. The state needs to change their government weather site.

Popular vote

Hey, I got pretty popular over the last year. Maybe next year I’ll run for local office.

In a word

There is a word for when big business and big government get together with a cult-like leader. It’s called Obama.

Success rate

FBI data shows armed citizens have a 94 percent success rate of stopping would-be mass murders and shooters.

Bad move

Reading the newspaper this morning I see they extended Zack’s contract. What are they trying to prove? Two superintendents or doesn’t the one that is superintendent know what he is doing? I think the board should have their heads examined.

Oil well

Oil dropped from $84 to $52 and the price in this area still didn’t go down. But when the price of oil goes up, they raise it. How come they don’t drop it when it comes down?

Call of duty

I would like to publically thank a township policeman for shoveling my driveway in Mount Carmel. He interrupted his jogging while off duty. It makes me hopeful for the future of our fractured society. It was above and beyond his duty. Happy Thanksgiving.

A shame

It is a terrible shame that they hired Zack for an additional six months at what, $68,000 plus benefits, when we already have a superintendent. He should have stayed on as superintendent and let the other one be his junior partner. This is ridiculous and I hope a lot of people call in. Something needs to be done, especially with the school directors.

Big bucks

Throughout the campaign, Trump bragged about how rich the Saudis have made him to the tune of millions and millions. The brutally murdered Khashoggi was a U.S. resident and his children are Americans. The tape of his dismemberment exists unheard by Trump. If our gutless Congress allows this brutal crime unpunished, what hope is there for the rest of us?

The difference

I am reading the front page on Wednesday, Nov. 21 and I was a little confused. My question to you is what is the difference between the bank robber and Mr. Zack? Mr. Zack gets good benefits.

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