Collusion, collusion, collusion

There was an announcement by Barr that there was no evidence of collusion after the investigation concluded. Those who started the collusion are looking for more collusion, but those that started the collusion are now being investigated for collusion that is yet to be concluded by those originally thought to be guilty of collusion. If those innocent of collusion find those that started the collusion guilty of collusion what conclusion would they conclude? I finally got it!

Oh, Donald!

Trump said many times his campaign had no contact with Russians. The Mueller Report provides a pile of evidence that Trump lied and that he tried to disrupt the federal investigation and deceive the public. The Russian government effort to help Trump was verified with evidence of many contacts between Trump staff and Russians. We all know, even Trump supporters, that Donald Trump is a serial liar. The Mueller Report presents the evidence of some of Trump’s biggest lies. Trump cult members can no longer deny that Trump is a big liar.

Federal amnesia

Glad to see President Trump answer questions with “I don’t recall” or “remember.” Apparently, it’s OK for Democrats like Comey who told Congress more than 200 times he could not remember and old Hillary herself used that line in her FBI interview. If its good for Democrats then it is good for Trump, too, right?

Friends in high places

All it took was a phone call from Michelle Obama’s secretary to the chief prosecutor in Chicago and all charges against actor Jussie Smallett were dropped. This fact was mentioned only once on network news, and never appeared in an Associated Press column. Anyone who believes that the Obamas are no longer involved in political or race-baiting events is being terribly naive.

Coal Twp. lawsuit

Hey, commissioner candidate Bobby Getchey: You want to fix the streets? Where are you going to get the money for that? Your buddy Sam Schiccatano cost the township $64,000 to date and that’s documented on the sign outside the municipal building. And I know The News-Item won’t print this because all you do is print good stuff about Schiccatano. Editor: Are you kidding me? We’ve ran two letters to the editor that have been anti-Schiccatano in the last month — one from George Zalar/Craig Fetterman and another from Charlie Shuey. Read the paper before you criticize what we do.

Informative talk

An informative talk by The News-Item editor was given at the Coal Crackers’ luncheon on Wednesday. Thank you. Editor: My pleasure. I had a blast and again I thank Mike Buriak for his invitation to speak. I will do my best to make the October luncheon.

Good Karl

Karl J. Kort: Spot on. Good column and great comments. Thank you.

Bad Karl

Tuesday’s letter to the editor was amusing. Telling readers that so-called businessman Trump avoided being guilty of obstruction of justice because the president followed the advice of his staff is fake news and is evidenced in the FBI investigation. I think Trump, however, does take the advice of the Russian Mafia board of directors, who bailed him out of bankruptcy by investing millions of dollars in his real estate business.


Breadline Bernie Sanders hates America. He says the Boston Marathon bombers should be able to vote from prison.

Good luck, Carm

Carmen, good luck at your coaching job at Berwick. I hope you have a winning record.

A blank check

Did anyone else notice about Home Rule that it does not have any limitations for earned income tax. Way to go. Look out. Editor: This is absolutely true as I understand things. However, please note that voting yes for a Home Rule commission does not mean a vote for the Home Rule charter that they produce. A separate vote would be held to approve whatever charter the commission comes up with, meaning if they try to raise taxes to a ridiculous amount, in theory, the electorate would strike down the charter at the ballot box.

Dumb Democrats

The Democrat is a person too stupid to know they’re a communist.

Gas prices

The gas in Elysburg is $3.09 a gallon. In Shamokin, it is $3.05. Four cents doesn’t seem like a but difference, but think about it. Elysburg is always higher than anybody else.

Trash everywhere

I’m calling about the road leading into the Coal Township plaza at Maysville, which because of all the litter looks like the entrance to a sanitary landfill. A cleanup crew is badly needed up there to pick up all the plastic and styrofoam packaging that is coming from the stores. We want to make the place presentable again.

Feel the Bern

The Democrats want to give out free college education. Let’s be fair now. Let’s talk about the kids who don’t go to college; some join the service, some get a job. To be fair, let’s give high school graduates $100,000 to do what they want. After all, it’s free. It won’t add to our already $22 trillion deficit. Feel the Bern. They’ll need a lot of Preparation H for that burn.

Enforcement needed

Signs aren’t going to stop the speeders on the Kulpmont expressway, aka Chestnut Street. The police and mayor need to make sure they issue citations for the speeders. That’s the only way you will get people to slow down.


At least you don’t have to wonder what bathroom to use in San Francisco. All 72 genders can relieve themselves in the streets.

Lions Club

I would like to thank the Lions Club for that wonderful dinner on Easter for shut-ins. Thank you very much, I really enjoyed it. And thank you to the girls that delivered it.

Joe is good

Way to go, Joe. Good job. It’s about time somebody from Sound Off tells these callers that they have no idea what they’re talking about. Keep up the good work.

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