Public eye

I would just like to say that I live in Coal Township and I couldn’t vote for Mayor Brown, but I think it is really nice to see him and his wife involved in so many of the community activities. Keep up the good work. We like you.

Can’t buy it

So, the English teacher is not Catholic, she does not have a certificate to teach in the public system in Pennsylvania, she does not plan to get married and Lourdes is paying her salary the rest of the year even though she no longer works there. The entitlement needs to stop. Sister Mary Anne, your decision and courage is respected by those who truly matter, and Tony Varano, your Philadelphia money can’t buy everything.

What a team

I am looking at an old picture of the 1972 Our Lady of Lourdes High School Red Raiders football team. During that year they went 10-0 and they scored 355 points against 21 for their opponents. They beat Selinsgrove 34-0 and beat Southern Area 44-0. It was a pretty good team for Lourdes. That was a good group.

Stick to guns

I see the diocese is sticking to its guns about this young teacher being pregnant. I hope she sues the diocese’s pants off.

Festivus miracle

Do you think that the Trump boneheads noticed that the Dow had its worst week in 10 years? Can you believe that?

Spirit crusher

Referring to the teacher at Lourdes, the underlying questions aren’t being addressed. Every year, the school, the church, takes up collections for the Shamokin Women’s Center that provides aid to unwed mothers. Every year, there is a bishop’s appeal, which contributes to the same type of facility in the Harrisburg area. Now, with the opportunity to help a person we are asked to donate for, the Diocese of Harrisburg is turning its back. If the diocese doesn’t believe in the spirit of its appeals, perhaps the diocese should discontinue those appeals.

They will come

If you build it, they will come. You built the prisons, we got criminals. You build marijuana dispensaries, we’ll get druggies. The politicians need to focus on bringing high-paying jobs and educated people, not more undesirable so-called industries. There is potential for this area. Your constituents deserve better.

Ten again

God handed down the Ten Commandments to Moses, telling people what they should do and what they should not do. One of the commandments is “thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” What that means is don’t tell lies about other people, especially against the United States. Sound Off every day is lie after lie after lie. Is Sound Off exempt from God’s Ten Commandments?

Big difference

I was just in Elysburg and I noticed the gas at Turkey Hill was $2.79 a gallon. When I returned to Coal Township I got my gas at Walmart for $2.39 a gallon, That is 40 cents difference on a gallon.

Never just one

An article in The News-Item reports that a predator priest was sentenced to prison for the sexual assault of one child. Those who work in the field know that every child predator averages 70 to 100 victims in a lifetime. This predator was 76 years old. There is a swath of victims behind him. The only way a predator has only one victim is if he drops dead after the assault.

God be with you

Karl Kort hit the nail on the head with his recent letter to the editor. His words are great and truthful. God be with you, Karl.

Sunday treat

Greg Maresca composes “Talking Points” for each Sunday edition. I can’t wait to read his column from week to week. It is outstanding.

Trash pandas

Merry Christmas to the prisoners and everybody who keeps the litter off the highways and off the pavements. A bah, humbug to the people who litter. Grow up and take responsibility for your trash. Also, the Tharptown Christmas display is beautiful during the day and at night.

Fearless caller

Mark Gilger tops Fearless Forecasters. I happen to know that his wife makes all the picks and that he eats too many potato cakes. Mark’s take: I make my own picks ... but, yes, I do eat too many potato cakes!

Open the caves

The AOAA park has no swimming. Why not open the caves to swimming at certain times with a couple lifeguards? There is nothing wrong with the water as thousands swam there for years, including myself, and never had a problem with infections of any sort. If in doubt, have it analyzed. People would come and pay just to swim in a pit in the mountain. I think they are going to fill in a beautiful swimming hole at the park. Where’s the hazard? Well, there’s always a hazard; the whole park’s a hazard if you want to look at it that way. When I went there, there was only one way in and that’s where to set up the admission booth.

Blank bills

The night of the government shutdown, Trump tweeted a photo of himself sitting at his desk signing a bill, tweeting he was signing many bills in the Oval Office “right now.” A close look at the photo showed he was signing a blank sheet of paper, not a bill! Con man Trump will go to any extent to scam the American people. Trump is an embarrassment and unfit to be president of this great country.

Take it away

To Bomboy: A government powerful enough to give you everything you want is powerful enough to take away everything you have. What is this “our” health care about? “Your” subsidies are taken from someone else under threat of force. This is immoral, as were the bailouts of GM and the banks.

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