More money needed

The Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library building is a beautiful building that deserves to be preserved and restored to its original grandeur. The funding the community received was a positive down payment but it needs much more money. I have heard of historic buildings getting funding through the National Park Service and the PA Elm Street Program.

Wealthy pinkos

Republicans’ new war cry against Democrats is “socialism.” They are going ballistic because Dems want the rich to pay their fair share in taxes. Republicans called Franklin Roosevelt a socialist when he proposed Social Security and Lyndon Johnson a socialist when he proposed Medicare. Republicans opposed these programs. If you feel so strongly about socialism, you should refuse Social Security and Medicare because by Republican definition these are socialist programs. Assistant editor: Caller, who makes the laws in Washington? Isn’t it the rich — in both parties? How many low-income senators or congressmen do you know?


Has anyone besides me noticed that the black actor who made the false, racist accusation story has been wiped from the media slate? It’s like, if they ignore it people will forget until the next blown-out-of-proportion “I’m black and I’m oppressed” story hits the news. If that actor had been white and done the same thing, the story and outrage would still be front page news. Pathetic.

Who d’ya’ trust?

Fifty-eight national security officials, both Republican and Democrat, have signed a declaration attacking Trump’s fake national emergency on the Mexican border; refuting Trump’s false claims with statistics and facts, stating it is an unconstitutional power grab that endangers national security. Who should you believe? Well-schooled national security officials who have worked to protect our country for decades or a lying, unstable, reality show president who has proven he will say or do anything to improve his poll ratings?

Info in a jiffy

I don’t know why you would write Rep. Masser when you can call his local office. I called when I first heard about the RealID and I was told I didn’t need one unless I would be boarding a plane or visiting federal buildings. Any time I call his office for info I get an answer right away or call-back if they need to find out the info I need.

Problems solved?

The liberals’ Green New Deal is going to solve all our problems. Climate change, health care, poverty, you name it, it’s solved. Hasn’t the climate always been changing? As for health care, I think there’s too much greed and corruption. Poverty? I thought LBJ’s “Great Society” solved that back in the 1960s. The government is $22 trillion in debt; it can’t get itself out of poverty. If government programs work, how are things at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation? The government’s been running that since the 1890s.

Good Catholic?

How can Kenn Splitt, who considers himself a good Catholic member of the Knights of Columbus, justify membership in a political party that believes that a baby who survives a failed abortion should be allowed to die without medical attention?

Cut-rate study

This is about the hotel feasibility study that cost the county $20,000. Hey, county commissioners, I’d do it for less than that, I’d do it for $5,000, and I can do just as good a job. I’ll bet you a dollar to a donut!

Don’t fret, Dems

The media and socialist Democrats fret Trump will blow the North Korean negotiations. But he’s already accomplished more than all his predecessors combined.

Don’t be a litterbug

If the left wants to clean up the environment then they need to pick up litter, which is a major problem in the crime-ridden cities controlled by the Democratic Party.

Not the same anymore

Kenn Splitt says the Republican Party isn’t the same as it used to be. What is the same as it used to be? If everything was the same as it used to be, there would be no need for Sound Off, the Police Blotter or Kenn Splitt.

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