The recent comment regarding Representative Omar from Minnesota entering the U.S. illegally and marrying her brother is completely false. Prior to calling the newspaper and making a comment, I suggest researching and verifying your information prior to opening your mouth and expressing your ignorance and stupidity.


To “red, white and blue”: How are you pledging allegiance to the flag if you kneel at the cross? Is your allegiance to God, or to a national symbol? What did God say about earthly kingdoms? Why should I love prosecuting whistleblowers and the surveillance state? The old white Republican men who passed those laws ought to go back to where they came from.


To the person who called about the benches not being cleaned up ... we take care of the benches more than any other place in Shamokin. We paid for the benches, we paid for the trees and we keep that place clean. We cannot help if somebody came in after us and sat there and threw bottles. We keep that place spick-and-span and we love it. The person who called us bums, we can buy and sell you. My name is Bob Getchey and I’m in charge of the benches and we take good care of them because we care about the city. ... We love the city of Shamokin.

A real job

I think Councilman Roughton has been driving around all day long in the code enforcement vehicle for the last week or so. He’s a councilman, he’s a code officer, which doesn’t pay anything, allegedly. Doesn’t this guy have a real job? Just wondering; I think it’s a legitimate question.


Let’s all get away from political nonsense and have a big, nice ham sandwich with black truffle mustard, Bhut jolokia peppers aka the ghost pepper, and ... let’s see what else we can find to put on it ... sounds good, eh? Let’s do it! And some hot horseradish ... oooh, that’ll wake it up!


I’m reading the paper today about the arrests in Conyngham Township. ... There’s more than one person involved in this. She didn’t sign all those checks by herself. The people that should be held liable also are the guys that signed the checks that she cashed, the illegal checks. One of them, unfortunately, is still supervisor ... he’s still on the board, and he signed numerous checks, proven, for this alleged theft. He should be held liable also. And I firmly believe, from being involved in it, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Wait ‘til they start some of the other places in the township, auditing them, there’s gonna be lots more money missing by this same couple of people that were running the township for years. Disgusted resident hoping for justice.

Another conspiracy!

Someone at The News-Item has a job to pick what gets in Sound Off and what doesn’t. How “Sad news” made the Sunday’s paper is beyond me. This is Alex Jones-level conspiracy. It’s disgusting and this paper should be ashamed for printing it. It gives crap like this value when people see it in the newspaper. And the worst part is there’s not even one comment from the editor saying how stupid this is. Go ahead and print this in the paper. I’m sick of this crap. Editor: I’m not one to get offended about people’s opinions. Of course it was conspiracy stuff, but I have faith in about 98% of our readers to recognize that without me calling it out. I want people to have an outlet for their opinions, whether I agree with them or not.

Follow the money

The only con to bringing real money/jobs/careers in around here would be the unstoppable mass-exodus from lower-paying jobs. (I can’t stop this, Trump probably could, elegantly and easily, but I doubt he makes house calls). People will go to where the money is, and in this case, probably out of necessity. (Even if they don’t like the job).

Phillies management

To the Phillies manager: Well, you almost blew another one. A 6-0 lead in the sixth inning and you let the pitcher in until the score was 6-4 and two men on. You almost gave them the game and then you blame the players? It’s the manager.

Baltimore issues

President Trump said Democrat-run Baltimore is a dump, the media freaks out. Then comes video of garbage strewn everywhere, not to mention the extremely high murder rate.

Have sympathy

I have read all of the articles regarding former Officer Scott Weaver and my only comments are there was on perfect person in this world and his name was Jesus Christ. If you are able to cast the first stone in a glass house, go ahead and do it, but Scott is a human with flaws, just like every other human person in the world.

Prove it

In regard to the criminal president entitled Sound Off, it was said Donald Trump was a career corporate criminal — prove it, show me your facts. He also said that Trump has cheated justice in business now as a president and he refuses to faithfully execute the laws of the United States — prove it, show me the facts. He said Trump has violated the constitution and broke laws — prove it, show me the facts. He also said the number of indictable and impeachable offenses are mounting — show me the facts, prove it. It’s time to impeach the president? Even the Democrats don’t want to do that anymore because guess what, there’s no Russian collusion and no evidence of wrongdoing.

Cemetery grass

To State Rep. Kurt Masser and Mayor Brown, why don’t you look into getting the prisoners at SCI to cut the grass at the cemetery? They do a wonderful job cleaning the highways up. Shamokin street department doesn’t use all their lawnmowers all the time, they could use those. Mayor Milbrand solved it but they took him away in cuffs because of politics. He would have solved it with the tower. What a joke. Look into it, mayor. The grass keeps growing and it’s not being cut.

Tragic fire

Condolences to the family of the young woman who was killed in the awful fire. God bless our firemen and women if there are any, they’re very brave and dedicated. I appreciate what they all do for us.

Good job, electricians

God bless and thank you to the people that got the electric on so fast during the storm. Electricians make good money, but they’re worth every penny.

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Editor- you say you want the people to have an outlet for their opinions, yet you permit or encourage assistant editor “ Joe” to comment and guide and legitimize as a staff member of the paper all kinds of right wing, pro- Trump, anti-democracy propaganda. Explain that.

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