Hate crimes

Statistical analysis proves that there has been an increase in hate crimes since the election of Donald Trump. Further analysis shows that counties that voted for Trump by the widest margin had the largest increase in hate crimes. Trump’s racist rhetoric validated the racists beliefs of the right-wing nuts and fueled the surge in racism and hate crimes.

Return trip

Hey, News-Item, could you tell me whatever happened to the guy from Mount Carmel? Last summer he left for a walk to California and was going to come back to tell his story’s about all the nice people he would meet along the trip. Did he make it home alive?

Racist ‘hoax’

Tucker Carlson, the grand wizard of Fox News white nationalist 8 p.m. hour, stated that America’s problem with the racist influence of white supremacy groups is a “hoax.” That is disputed by the criminal records on racist violence. Just last week, the FBI director stated the majority of domestic terrorism cases were motivated by white supremest ideology. Tucker better put his hood on straight and get the facts.

Simple question

I sent the following to Sen. Robert Casey, Sen. Pat Toomey, Rep. Dan Meuser, state Sen. John Gordner, and state Rep. Kurt Masser: One simple question: Why do private citizens need to own assault rifles? I know it’s not the absolute solution but it should cut down on mass shootings.


I find it amusing that the current Shamokin fire chiefs want to consolidate the fire department. Maybe the reason you are hurting for members is the ridiculous qualifications you require of the members. The state requires virtually no firefighter training — Shamokin did this to themselves. As it stands now, a New York City firefighter would not qualify to be a firefighter in Shamokin. Does that make sense? Of course, the requirements were placed to exclude members, i.e. politics. They will claim it’s about safety. Fact: More firefighters die from heart attacks than anything else. If they were really concerned about safety, wouldn’t they put a requirement in for yearly physicals? Stop playing politics with the citizens lives and adopt reasonable qualification standards — the way it was before politics took over.

Devious Don

Trump traveled to El Paso, Texas, in mid-February for his first political rally in 2019. It is now almost six months after that visit, and Trump’s campaign has not paid the city’s bill for more than $500,000 for police and public safety fees. This doesn’t surprise me. Just add this to the list of the hundreds of other people whom he never paid. Unfortunately, many of those people are now bankrupt and out of business because of his devious and deceitful business practices.

Polish friends

I assume, my Polish friends did not want the dual risk. They made their decision to cancel based on other nations placing a travel a ban on us for fear of violence towards their citizens.

Crime pays

Yeah, I see in the paper there’s a lot of construction going on. I just wonder how much of this bid work and on this new construction is gonna go union. After all, I see in the paper all the union contractors get is when the township and Shamokin is looking for something for nothing. Another thing, how about Commissioner Schiccatano, he’s telling us about all the money prisoners make. I’d like him to tell us how much money he was making when he was a school teacher. He’s collecting a pension from the school teachers, he’s collecting Social Security, he’s getting paid by the county. Tell me Schiccatano, how much is enough? Joe’s take: Prisoners get paid?

Bring back movies

One more jewel that can be added to the crown to enhance East Independence Street would be for the mayor to secure a movie theater in the municipal parking lot. That would bring life into the town. Right now it’s just an empty lot for the night critters to hang out at.

Stop the flooding

I, personally, drove around Shamokin and found at least 50% of the storm drains blocked with dirt cinders from winter, weeds, garbage and even a small tree growing from one. Instead of driving around wasting gas, make the guys earn a paycheck and go around and clean these sewers.

It’s the guns

One of the first things Trump did as president was to repeal an Obama rule banning people with mental health issues from getting a gun. I’m done hearing about video games. These goofs act like we’re alone in the world. Video games are by far the world’s largest form of entertainment. Japan, South Korea, Australia and all of Europe would be having the same issues we are. In 2017 in Japan, three people got shot. The same year in America — 14,611 deaths from guns. The only difference in our country are the gun laws and gun availability.

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Joe- prisoner don’t get paid! Duh! Prisons are money making operations. It pays to lock people up. Got a drug addiction? Lock them up! Why give them rehab? That costs money, so instead we lock them up. A twisted system.

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