Silenced another

Ex-President Bill Clinton made at least 27 trips to Epstein’s sex island in the Bahamas. Clinton’s lawyer, Vince Foster, had a very controversial suicide a week before he was to testify against Clinton on Whitewater. Very interesting.

Cemetery blues

Hopefully, this short primer will clear up a Sound Off caller’s misconception. The City of Shamokin government, i.e., the mayor nor council, have no official authority over the daily operation of the Shamokin Cemetery. Never did, most likely never will. At one time a former mayor held a position on the cemetery board. Most remember that cell tower fiasco all to well. Also, a rival paper reported that cemetery board holding $150,000, but that was a few years ago. Disappearing bank notes leave a mostly blank, incomplete trail, according to a recent News-Item article. Sad, but true.


Trump tweets out his untrue conspiracy theories as a heads-up to the Russians, so they can make them go viral. And they will be glad to oblige.

Come to Tharptown

This is in reference to the code officer: I live in Tharptown and have called the code officer every other week all summer for a house on Seventh and 11th streets about weeds. In the alley, which belongs to the township, the weeds are as high as the fence and in the yard. I know he has a lot of work, but we are all taxpayers around this house and would like to see it cleaned up.

Roughing some feathers

Concerning the workers at Coal Township recycling: They’re all good guys, they help everyone and Mr. Fetterman is ruffling some feathers. Why doesn’t he do something about the township commissioners that don’t go to the meetings? Does he fire them? Come on, Mr. Fetterman, respond. You’re getting rid of good workers, all of them. Editor: You can’t just fire elected officials. Thankfully.

Good job, EFD

Happy 100th anniversary to the Ralpho Township Elysburg Fire Co. You do an excellent job and certainly deserve all the credit anybody can give you. Thanks again. You’re an asset to our town.

Stalking workers

I can’t top it, but I can add my two cents. I’ve followed some of the city workers from the warehouse one morning and they go to the Turkey Hill on Second Street, play the lottery, have their coffee, have some cigarettes and then they’re back at the warehouse. This should all be done before they’re on the clock. You do it before you go to work, not during it.

Election time

To the voters of Coal Township: Election time is coming up. Just remember which Coal Township commissioners go to meetings and which Coal Township commissioners don’t go to meetings. They’re still getting their $3,400 if they show up or don’t show up. Some of them think they’re the czar. They work for the township when they go to work. If I don’t go to work, I don’t get paid. What about the commissioners? Remember, voters, cast your vote.

Is that a joke?

A caller called into Sound Off and said, “Looks like Trump found a way to silence Jeffrey Epstein.” Are you kidding me? Trump killed Jeffrey Epstein? I know everyone blames Trump for everything, but Trump killing Jeffrey Epstein? You have to be an idiot, I’m telling you.

Nice flowers

The flowers that are along the way coming into Shamokin are a wonderful addition. Thanks to the people who established that and maintain it. Thanks again.

A OAA plans

Why aren’t the AOAA riders coming into the city via Route 225? Maybe Coal Township has more brains than the powers that be in Shamokin. You start excavating and you’re going to create problems for the residents of Academy Hill. That section is already shifting.

Shooting off

I see Trump is shooting off his mouth again, blaming Clinton for Epstein’s death. Just remember one thing, he was very good with Mr. Trump. He was at Mar-a-Lago and everything. Maybe Trump didn’t fly Epstein’s jet, but he flew his own private jet to the island.

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