By the way

By the way, FDR was Under Secretary of the Navy during Woodrow Wilson’s administration.

Honor the fire

To the person who voted to “honor” their grandchildren, I’m assuming you voted Republican then because of the whole Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, et al, thing, correct?

Jarhead birthday

Well, today is Nov. 10. I would like to wish all my friends in the U.S. Marine Corps a happy birthday. This is from a Navy FMF corpsman. Thank you, guys.

Beginning of the end

Time and time again Donald Trump has publicly denied the extra-material affairs and the resulting payoffs to the Playboy model and adult film star. A report from federal prosecutors provides evidence that Trump directed every aspect of these hush money payments. Making these payments violated federal law. This is just the beginning of the impending Trump criminal charges that will ultimately lock him up.

Short-term memory

Didn’t you people see what happened when the Dems were in last time? The jobs were gone and neighborhoods went to hell. Well, you’ll find out now.

Five stars

So Pennsylvania is now taking in prisoners from another state. Send them to Northumberland County. Our county commissioners will gladly build another five-star jail and a marijuana place next to it.

What’s in a word?

Well, we got a different congress now. I think it is time to implement that word “impeachment.”

Smooth CEO

Geisinger board of directors needs to be replaced in its entirety. First, they hire a psychiatrist from California as their CEO and think he is committed long-term to northeastern Pennsylvania. Next, they keep him on after he resigns until January in the disguise of a smooth transition when he is already in California house hunting.

Facebook fight night

This entire council, including the mayor, are pathetic, whining and fighting like little kids on Kulpmont’s Facebook page. Really? You are ignoring people’s valid concerns and complaints and giving yourselves far too much credit. You are up to your own ignorance and complacency on very serious issues.

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