Out of reach

Enrollment at state universities is down. Bloomsburg saw a 3.9 percent decrease. Could it be that the cost of going to a state university is way out of reach for the majority of working people of the state? When I went to Bloomsburg the cost wasn’t too outrageous. These colleges were supposed to be a means for the middle to lower economic classes to get a good education and move up the social ladder.

Getting worse

I read Monday’s article in The News-Item concerning political violence between the Proud Boys and Antifa. Sounds to me like America is turning into Germany during the 1930s. It is going to get worse and somebody, unfortunately, possibly an innocent bystander, is going to get killed. Is this what this country has become? Whatever happened to people getting together and having normal, civil discourse?


An old Fifth Ward proverb: It takes courage to sign your name to a letter. You lack this quality when you criticize over the phone.

No free lunch

Be careful what you wish for. Politicians who claim they will eliminate the school property tax will make up for this by raising the personal income and sales taxes. It will end up costing us more. Remember the old saying, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

All about money

With Donald Trump as president, the United States no longer stands for human rights and freedom; it stands for money. Despite mounting evidence that the Saudi government directed the murder of a Washington Post journalist, Trump wants to believe the denial of Saudi Arabia’s brutal sheik leader. Any other president would have called out the Saudis for this criminal act.

Mob action

The party of the people is calling for increased violence, less civility and more mob action. Surely it will be with love that you will be beaten into submission with their clubs and pipes? Whatever happened to peaceful protest?

Home rule

Children who bully learn it from their home. The only ones to blame are the parents.

On the carpet

I am calling about the Southern Columbia bullying issue. The administration, the principal and the coaches involved need to be called on the carpet by the legal system. It should be done exactly the way the Penn State issue was done. Those administrators got in big trouble for looking the other way. Shame on Southern Columbia.

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