Protest and survive

Trump’s incessant lying is necessary for his survival in an investigation that is digging into his political as well as his personal life. Trump lies are also necessary to advance his agenda which is founded on ignorance and deception. Those who continue to support Trump continue to live in his alternate reality. Hopefully, Trumpsters will finally refuse to accept Trump lies so they can return to the real world of facts, science and truth.

On the side

Please let me present an accurate side to the federal shutdown. I have one of those “cushy federal jobs” you mentioned. I am also not paying my mortgage, utility bills nor doing most any type of shopping. My family and I are living on cash advances and credit card purchases. Most certainly I am not whining to anyone in particular, especially you. Hopefully, you presently hold gainful employment, receiving your earned wages, cherish that thought, we wish you well in 2019.

State of emergency

An influx of immigrants could cause an emergency. The American workers cannot provide welfare and healthcare anymore. Build that wall. Protect the American workers and America.

Shame on

Shame on all the bullying shown towards the president of the United States. Shame on the newspaper also for including so many negative Trump comments in their Sound Off.

Straight to the top

When we have a shutdown, why can’t we start laying off people from the top?

How it works

To stop drunk drivers from killing sober drivers, just prevent sober drivers from driving. That is how gun control works.

To serve man

In Los Angeles, this one restaurant might be put out of business. Do you know what is on its menu? Human parts, because the environmentalist said when somebody dies they should turn them into compost and use them as compost to irrigate the soil. Now is that what kind of people you want controlling our government? You know what? I think Donald Trump will be the last president of the United States. I don’t think there is going to be no more presidents. I don’t think there is going to be no more so-called democracy. After all, democracy has turned into the best form of government money can buy.

Plow King

This town must have plenty of money to blow on overtime for the guys plowing snow. Barely an inch on the ground and I can still see the macadam and the plow went by my house four, count them, four times already. Sparks a-flyin’. Is this really necessary? Cant be good for the road or the plow. Come on, give the snow a little chance to accumulate.

Sell out

Republicans know deep down in their heart, that the president colluded with the Russian government, but they don’t care because he supports their beliefs on abortion, guns and often, their racism. Will the evidence of Trump’s treason ever become so dramatic that Republicans will not be able to continue to pretend that Trump was not compromised by Vladimir Putin? Even if Republicans eventually turn on Trump, we must all remember that the Republican Party was willing to sell out America as long as Trump promoted their policies and beliefs.

Back to work

I think Trump should put all those federal workers back to work now building the wall. Have a good day.

Honest man

Once again, President Trump is proved to be an honest man. The Buzzfeed story is completely inaccurate, according to Mueller’s announcement. Everybody condemning the president was wrong. This is the problem with the liberals today. They hate Trump so much, the presumption of innocence does not exist.

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I just read the article in your paper asking for volunteers to “tutor adults in reading and writing.” While admittedly, this is a worthwhile cause, it begs the question: Why are there many adults out there who require tutoring in these most basic of subjects? Should not the schools have made those skills a prerequisite to graduating? (with the exception of those who may have immigrated here lacking those abilities…. which is a whole other issue.) Few, if any, individuals would invest their hard-earned money into a company that fails to produce. Why then do we continue to invest our hard -earned tax money into an education system which is apparently failing to produce? Perhaps we are not addressing the REAL causes for this failure, to which MORE money is NOT the answer. This truly is a bipartisan issue which should be given the highest of priorities.

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