Summary execution

Today marks one year since Senior Judge Dudley Anderson not only denied Coal Township on all three of its objections to the fee lawsuit, but went farther and admonished the township for ignoring communications from the county commissioners, and on top of it all, suggested to the township that it settle. Note that he did not recommend that the county drop the suit. This is like claiming a sibling owes you $3. Mom hears the case, looks at the law, takes $2 from the child asking for $3, pitches their wallet and tells the child to knock it off. Now the township is waiting for dad to come home in hopes of being vindicated on all counts. “No one else complained” is not a valid legal argument and never will be.

Triple dip

Hey Charlie, if you think Sam should devote his time for free, then maybe you shouldn’t collect a salary at the recycling center. After all, you are triple dipping!

Source material

Hey Coach Schick, they can say whatever they want, you’re the best coach around! I love you and what you stand for! My advice to you is the advice you gave me — “Consider the source.”

Aim for protection

I must take offense to “Quick action” regarding the disarming of New Zealanders. The government acted with the intent to protect its citizens, or so they claim. Cities and schools are declared to be gun-free zones with the stated intent of protection. How is that working? It is not. Ergo, intent and result can be entirely different things. Gun-free zones are, in reality, defense-free zones. Where guns are banned, there is a small reduction in shootings, but suffer a horrid jump in the use of violent force to mug, rape and burglarize. Let New Zealand be stupid. Here, the likes of rapists fear a 9mm to the skull. God bless America!

Patriotic songs

Several sports teams are refusing to play Kate Smith’s song “God Bless America,” due to several other songs of hers deemed to be racist. I guess a more appropriate and patriotic anthem would be “F - - - the Police,” by NWA? The times that Ms. Smith grew up in were totally different, but that doesn’t make the song any less patriotic. There are just as many black racists as there are white. Diversity does not make us stronger.

Brightly shining

With all the negativity in the world today one of Friday’s News-Item articles shined brightly. The City of Shamokin has a resplendent young lady in the person of Rosalind Kane. An impressive idea hatched seven years ago has grown by leaps and bounds. Hopefully, this has inspired others to rethink simple everyday gestures. (It has in our lives). Your parents should be mighty proud!

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