Overrun shelters

Please note that dogs and cats help people emotionally. This is proven, but they need proper care and when shelters are overwhelmed because people are neglectful and let, especially cats, keep breeding I would rather see humane euthanizia than have them suffer. Would a human want to suffer like that? We at least get meds for pain. Did you see the photos in this paper of the shelter cats? If there are not enough available and not enough money, what good does it do to send money far away for a calendar or stickers?

Sad resignation

It’s sad to see Officer Talanca resign. Too rarely do you see an officer who still protects and serves. Good cop, and a better man.

Enough is enough

“America should be horrified” on the opinion page and the cartoon “Mommy says we’ll be safe in America so we go” is nothing but a democratic ploy to demean the president and the people of the U.S.A. Yes, I am horrified that these children are in this condition, but let’s put the blame where the blame is due. It belongs on their home country, it belongs on their mommy for telling their kids this lie and it belongs on their fathers for not fighting to keep their family safe in their own homes. It’s time for these people to fight for their freedom, hundreds of thousands running away when it should be hundreds of thousands fighting for what they want. Don’t expect another country, which, by the way, is already trillions in debt, to take care of you. Yes, it is easier said than done, but come on already, enough is enough. We can’t afford you and we don’t have the facilities to take care of so many. So the Washington Post and whoever made that stupid cartoon can keep their opinions to themselves.

Remember Mr. Semicek

In regard to the editor’s take regarding Mr. Stellar as band director, I agree, Mr. Stellar is doing a superb job. That’s what he is getting paid a very good salary for. I’m a product of the 1960s, and I attended Mount Carmel School, and as I remember, Mr. Semicek was band director then. He brought the Mount Carmel Mounties to the forefront in our state and, I believe, our nation. Just giving a little more credit for another person.

No politics with cars

I wanted to comment after attending the Kulpmont Cruise for many years, I was sorry to see politics introduced into it. I got the feeling if you didn’t support a certain party or politician, you weren’t welcome, and if that’s the message they wanted to say, I think they made a mistake.

Cruise organizer speaks

In response to the person who felt the Kulpmont Cruise was a political rally for Trump, he or she is totally out of it. The Trump mannequin is a product of McDonald’s and there was never a sign on my car. The cruisers and spectators, except you, got a kick out of the mannequin, took pictures with it and had a great laugh. We got many comments that were positive in nature. The great laugh we got about it was what it was all about. Apparently, you don’t know how to have a good time and we are glad you will never come again to one of our cruises, because you are the type of person who would find the negative in anything we do. You took everything out of context and I feel sorry for you. I will give you my name, my name is Joe Cesari, and I will not hide behind a comment at any newspaper. We at the cruise committee feel everybody enjoyed the day in Kulpmont and we provided many of our senior citizens with a day to reflect about the past and enjoy the cruise. Thank you.

Dizzy sweeping

Can someone explain to me why the street sweeper makes two unncessary passes when doing its sweeping? It races to the end of the street with the brushes up, then turns around to start sweeping with the brushes down, then races to the end of the street with the brushes up, only to come back down again with the brushes down. This is a waste of time and taxpayer money. Someone needs to look into this.

Freedom of speech

In regards to no politics at cruise, oh, come on, it’s called freedom of speech. Any Democrat could put a Democratic sign on their car. Heck, you have 25 to choose from. What a circus.

Salaries are public

In Sound Off, the person wanting to know about the salaries of all the Mount Carmel Area School District employees, all you have to do is go to the website www.pennwatch.com and there’s a section there for all salaries that are paid to anyone who is a public employee. All you do is follow the link, use the pull-downs and type in the name and you can get anyone’s salary.

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