15 bucks

Fifteen dollars an hour for flipping a burger? Minimum wage was never meant to be a family-sustaining wage, it was meant to get someone started working, entry level, so they could work their way up, go to school, improve their selves. A $15 minimum wage is essentially a bailout for people unwilling or too lazy to actually learn a skill. Am I going to get a bump in my wages for going to college at night, staying up late doing homework, getting up early for work, etc.? Crazy times we live in. Editor: Just don’t forget to remember who is subsidizing those living on $8 an hour. It’s you, the taxpayer — through welfare programs.

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to Flowers article :: No Catholic approves of abortion. But the church should have no say in politics! If they do want to become involved and tell people who to vote for , then maybe they should start paying taxes! Separation of church and state!


to 15 bucks ::: what the editor said !!!!

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