Gas woes

I see Turkey Hill in Kulpmont raised the price of gas 18 cents in the last five days. It took them a month of Sundays to drop it down 2 cents at a time, and now they are raising it twice a day. The only reason is that they are trying to get Walmart to push its gas prices up.

Hypocritical pro-lifers

Trump’s pro-life base is rabid about the rights of the unborn, but what about after the child is born? We find the Trump administration is unable to reunite the families of thousands of immigrant children who were taken their parents at the direction of Donald Trump. Were is the pro-life movement’s outrage about these children? Perhaps we would hear more from these hypocritical pro-lifers if these kids were white.


To the caller who quoted the pope saying that walls sow fear and divide people, why does he live behind a wall? He is a hypocrite, too.

Do unto others

Schumer is trying to destroy the United States like they tried to destroy Germany.

We’re talking tariffs?

Why all of a sudden are you worried about tariffs paying for the wall? Where were you when Obama was wasting your money paying for the Cash for Clunkers program, the billions he sent to Iran, worthless electric cars, Solyndra, shovel-ready jobs, Obamacare? We now have a successful businessman in charge.

On the carpet

I’m calling about the Dr. Kraynak case. I want to know why the pharmacies involved are not being called on the carpet. Why didn’t they put a stop to this?

Day the music died

Halftime of this year’s Super Bowl was 60 years after “the day the music died.” Of course, the music didn’t die, only the real rock ‘n’ roll of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper.

Liberal match

So 12 Russians can influence an election, but 25 million illegal aliens in the United States can’t?

Need to convince

A former Socialist embraced capitalism after seeing what socialism did to once-prosperous Venezuela. Now if we could just convince the useful idiots of the Democratic party of that.

Challenge flag

CNN is reporting that the Democrats have found 11 extra points for the Rams in Broward County.

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