Divide and conquer

The Russian and Chinese listen carefully to all of Trump’s conversations made on his unsecured phone. The way to destroy an opponent is to divide and conquer. As Trump divides the country with insults and lies and vitriol, the Russians and the Chinese have accomplished their goal.

Real collusion

The Mueller investigation is a distraction trying to take attention away from the real collusion with Russia that happened during the Obama administration and involved then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her ex-president husband with Uranium One.

Not much

People are always calling into Sound Off and stating what a racist and a divider President Trump is. Well, just yesterday, President Trump hosted the Young Black Leaders summit in the east room of the White House. During that meeting, he said, “You are true leaders and I have every confidence in the future of America with young men and women like you.” Now let’s see, how racist is that?

Great season

I just want to congratulate the Shamokin Indians, Henry Hynoski and the whole team for doing such a great job for this football season for Shamokin Area High School. It has been a pleasure watching them win the games that they won this year, and I am looking forward to hopefully a win in the District IV AAA playoffs. You may not have brought the Coal Bucket home, but that is OK. We have another game to play, and that is the one we are going to count on.

See through it

Just as I expected, the liberal press stressing the fact that the guy who sent the explosives by mail is a Trump supporter. Trying to blame Trump and all people who vote Republican.

The first one

Whatever happened to our right of freedom of speech?

Bad deal

When one evaluates the pros and cons of the Trump presidency, it comes down to a simple assessment: He is not a good or honorable man. To support him because of your 401k is a Faustian bargain.

With teeth

I would like to thank Dr. Owens and his staff for having the free clinic today for dental work and cleaning. It was very nice of them to do that. I am happy that I could go.

Give him time

According to papreps.com, Coach Roth, in 1986, had a record of 6-5-1. For all the people taking about Hynoski and his Indians, give him a couple of years.

Killing ourselves

I was born prior to 1960, and I can tell you this: America has lost its mind. Eleven killed (Saturday) at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. We kill each other in our schools, our houses of worship and on our streets as we spend billions defending against the Russians and the Chinese. Who kills more Americans? Us or them.

South of the border

These 7,000 people that are heading for our border, they should be kept on the Mexican side and not allowed to set foot on American soil. That way the Mexicans can take care of them. Let the Mexicans have the cost of feeding and housing them.

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