Transparency, please

I sit reading today’s paper in awe that Mount Carmel council made another ridiculous purchase with taxpayer money! The only level-headed one’s were Shirmer and Plisiewcz. I guess the one’s who voted for it figured it was an easy way to give Kraynak some quick money. If anyone has lived in town for a substantial amount of time, you will remember that they tried an ice skating rink that was a flop and over the years the cops were called there on a regular basis for loud noise, cursing, fights, you name it, all when it was not owned by the borough. Now they are fully on the hook for this white elephant that has not had any regular maintenance for decades. Barrett claims he will fix the fence? Good luck with that. He is another one who likes to see his name in print but never follows through with any of his promises. By the way, councilmen, how is the purchase of McAndrew Auto Sales going for the police station, or did you find another great deal elsewhere? Any figures available for renovations at the new building at Third and Maple? We are not mushrooms who should be kept in the dark. How about some transparency for once?

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to decent voters : you are a cult member.


Mail in fraud,::::I did not get any mail in ballots, could be because I am a registered Republican. What does that tell you??

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